The Not So Secret Baby(3)

By: Amarinda Jones

Interesting. “And have you?”

“Maybe,” Sinyn murmured against her lips.


The present

Izzy shook herself. She had been overcome by the memory of the man and the moment. “Who knew I would be left with a souvenir?” That she was pregnant was undisputable. That she was going to have the baby, a no-brainer. But the man? Hmm…

She picked her purse and thumbed through the section where she kept business cards, measurements for things she had no idea what there were for anymore, and a blister pack strip of aspirins. “He gave me this before he left.” She pulled out the plain, simple, white card with his name on it.

Cilla took it. “Sinyn Donnelly. Was he very sinful?”

Oh yeah. Izzy’s face got hot just thinking about what the man could do. “Sinyn’s an Irish name.” She thought back to his words from that night. “It means strong.”

“Are you going to call and tell him about the baby?”

“I don’t know.” Izzy had mixed feelings. Part of her acknowledged she was perfectly capable of bringing a child up on her own. She didn’t need a man and especially not one who would feel he ‘had to’. The other side was she had grown up without a father. It had been a strange, lonely existence depending solely on a drug dependant junkie mother who couldn’t look after herself, let alone a child. She always wanted to know who her father was. Izzy had dreamed on cold, hungry nights when her mother had been too out of it to form sentences let alone walk that her father would ride in on a white horse and save her. But dreams never came true and Izzy had learned fast to look after herself and depend on no one.

“I don’t want him feeling like he has to do anything.”

Cilla snorted. “He already has.”

“I mean financially.”

“Oh please! Not the Mack pride again.” Cilla shook her head. “Are you going to have it?”

The ‘it’ in question was very much a reality, and Izzy would have been a liar to say she hadn’t contemplated an abortion. She was pro choice and believed a woman had a right to do whatever she chose to with her own body.


“Wow. Gutsy move. Are you going to ring Prince Sinyn?”

Izzy tapped the white card against her chin. “When I’ve worked out what to say to him.

Chapter Two

“Hello, my name is Izzy Mack. I live in Cairns, Australia. You probably don’t remember me.”

Sinyn smiled. Visions of a gloriously buxom and generous body, a beautiful smile with lips that teased and sucked at his dick until he came drifted into his mind. Some women were unforgettable. The memory of soft, panting laughter as he plunged deep and hard inside her, wishing never to leave the warm, inviting embrace of her body, came back to him.

“Oh I remember.” Sinyn had been reliving that night in Australia for weeks now. He had passed through Cairns after attending trade meetings on behalf of his principality Inis Daire in Sydney. Old Katie, the local seer, had decreed him go to the tropical city. It hadn’t been on his agenda, but the seer had been insistent. And few on Inis Daire went against her when it came to her sight or predictions for the future. And it had been the best night of his life. While Sinyn had given Izzy his business card on the hope she might call him one day, he never dreamed the Australian woman would do so.

“Oh, well, er, that’s good.” Izzy hesitated before speaking.

“Where are you, sweetheart?”

“In Cairns.”

Sinyn felt a wild surge of disappointment. “So, Izzy, how have you been?”

“The thing is—um…”

“Yes?” Sinyn smiled at her hesitation. His curiosity was peaked.

“Look I don’t want anything from you—”

“But you’re ringing me for a reason.” There was a sudden silence on the line. “Are you there, Izzy?”

“I’m pregnant.”

The rushed-out words hit him like a sledgehammer. It was Donnelly history repeating. Pregnant. My baby. Future. I must see Izzy again.

“I’m not after money. I just thought you should know and well, stuff.”

The confusion in her voice was sweet and told him what he wanted to know. This was just as big a shock to her as it was to him. Over the past three hundred years, it wasn’t the slightest bit unusual for the Donnelly men to have many, legitimate and illegitimate. They loved women. They made no secret of it. They usually married the ones they got pregnant. “What’s your address?”


That she sounded suspicious indicated to Sinyn that she meant what she said. Izzy wasn’t looking for money from him. “I need to organize transport for you to Inis Daire.”

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