The Not So Secret Baby(20)

By: Amarinda Jones

* * * *

Izzy sat astride Sinyn, his dick buried deep inside her cunt and his hands around her hips. “Marry me.” The words came out naturally. It was what she wanted.

Sinyn arched a brow at her. “What?”

She slapped his chest teasingly. “You heard me.”

“I’m stunned.”

That wasn’t the reaction Izzy expected. “Why? You don’t wanna? Really?”

“I’m supposed to ask you. It’s what a man does.”

“Does it matter?” Surely this was about love and the future and not whose job it was to do what.


Izzy shifted slightly, his dick pushed further inside. “Were you going to ask me?”



“When the time was right,” Sinyn responded, his hand sliding up her back and around to her breasts.

While it was hard to concentrate on words when actions at that moment were so much more fun, Izzy needed to know where she stood. She wanted this man. She had expected he wanted her back. “Do you want to marry me?”


“Well?” His vague answers were driving her mad. “Ask me.” Izzy started bouncing on top of him. Each jolt sent the thrill of hard dick pushing up and down inside her.

Sinyn pulled her body down to his and rolled her underneath him. “Izzy—”

“Yes, Sinyn I will marry you.”

He chuckled. “I haven’t asked yet.”

Old Katie had made this sound all so simple. “Just do it.”

“I thought we were doing it.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist. “Not sex.”

“You don’t like sex?” Sinyn pulled both her hands above her head and held them there.

“I love it with you.”

“Izzy, will you—”

A knock at the door stopped Sinyn.

“What?” Izzy yelled out in frustration.

Connor opened the door and looked in. “I just wanted to check everything was okay. He smiled at her. “It certainly looks okay.”

“No, actually it’s not. Sinyn won’t propose to me,” Izzy said to Connor.

“He’s clearly mad,” the other Inis Daire man declared.

“I’m glad you agree with me. Maybe I should marry you, Connor. You seem to know what you want.”

Connor grinned. “Well if the Prince isn’t man enough, I can do lots of manly things.”

Izzy smiled back at him. “I do recall your manly things.” He had a mighty fine, thick dick.

Sinyn bounced his body on hers. The whole mattress jumped. “Izzy.”


“You will marry only me.” Sinyn let go of her hands and pulled out from her body. He climbed off the bed and dropped to his knees.”

Izzy’s heart was beating madly. It was all too rushed and soon and mad, but it was exactly what she wanted. To hell with convention. “Will I?”

“Yes. Isadora Mack, please do me the honor of marrying me.”

Oh yes. “Will you promise never to leave the bed again when I’m naked and horny?”

“Oh man,” Connor muttered. “I have to leave.”

“Come back later, Connor,” Izzy called. She looked at Sinyn who in turn smiled.

“Whatever my lady wants I shall indulge her in.”

Connor chuckled and closed the door.

Sinyn came back on the bed. “Anything you need or want to make you happy I will do.”

Izzy crawled into his arms and onto his lap. “I love you, Prince Sinyn.”

He held her close and kissed her. “Princess Izzy. It has a different ring to it.” Sinyn fisted his dick and eased the head back inside her. “I love you, Izzy.” He grabbed her hips and started to move her up and down. “Do you think our kid’s going to be as complicated as we are?”


The End

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