The Not So Secret Baby(2)

By: Amarinda Jones

“Sweetheart?” He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Tell me if it hurts.”

His warm breath on her neck and his hair brushing her skin made her shiver. It competed with the harder sensation of throbbing, stiff cock taking over her body. Izzy already felt like her body had been split in two from the hard, possessive ramming of his dick deep within her cunt. She ached with the feeling. Izzy had come so many times she had lost count. Never had that happened before. This man was well aware of how to please a woman. Izzy knew after being with Sinyn she would remember him every time she sat down. And I want that memory.


Sinyn chuckled. “Yes, ma’am.”

Izzy moaned as the length of his shaft pushed inside her. “Oh, Sinyn.”

“I love the way you say my name, sweetheart.” His fingers moved around to her clit and started rubbing the hard pink nub.

Some men knew how to fuck with purpose. Sinyn was one of them. He took and he gave. Each thrust shook her body, and her clit was on fire from his fingers. She bucked against his hand wanting more. He seemed to understand that and began ramming harder into her ass. His fingers moved faster. Izzy closed her eyes and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

“I want to come,” he murmured against her shoulder as he kissed and licked her skin.

“So come.” They had used condoms. She felt safe and protected within his embrace.

“On you, sweetheart.”

The request was so raw and primal that Izzy was speechless. She had never allowed a man to come on her. She’d wanted to but no man ever had. She longed to taste cum on her lips. “I want to taste you.” It was only fair. He had licked and sucked her clit driving her mad.

Sinyn halted mid thrust. “Are you sure?”


As his dick slid from her ass she felt pain yet also a strange emptiness. She watched as he ripped the condom off. It landed near the small wastepaper bin with the others. Five in all. A record for Izzy. But then this man had a stamina others didn’t.


Izzy pushed him back on the bed so he lay flat. She got to her knees and fisted his dick. It was beautiful. Long, straight, and delightfully pink. She had always been fascinated by the tip of a dick. It was soft and smooth and the perfect treat for a woman. Izzy leaned in and licked it.

Sinyn groaned. “It won’t take much to make me come.”

“That’s a shame. I wanted to play some.” She sucked the head inside and tongued it slowly. Her eyes went to his. The sheer pleasure Izzy saw made her wrap her hand around the top of the shaft. She moved her hand in time with her mouth, sucking the dick head inside then slowly releasing it from between her lips each time as if reluctant to let go.

“Bloody hell.” Sinyn sat and pushed her from him. “I used to think I had control, but with you? I have none.” He got to his feet and stood on the bed, his hand around his dick.

Still on her knees, Izzy leaned in and licked his dick in long, teasing stokes as he pumped the shaft. That he would come soon excited her. She wanted to taste the first spurt of cum on her lips and feel it as it ran down her neck and breasts. It was a dirty fantasy she had wanted to enjoy for a long time. “Come on me.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” Sinyn groaned as he did.

The first taste of cum was bitter yet musky. She licked her lips as she savored it. The milky fluid dripped down her chin and onto her breasts. Izzy ran her fingers through it massaging it into her skin.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured as he dropped down beside her, spent and hot. Sinyn’s mouth met hers and he kissed her with slow, lingering deliberateness as his hands roamed her sticky flesh.

Izzy licked the scar at the top of his lips. “How did that happen?”

“A fight with my cousin. I ended up being pushed out of a tree house and I landed on rocky ground.”

“It’s as sexy.”

Sinyn smiled. “Really?” He rolled on top of her. “You’re sexy.”

“Who are you?” This was no normal tourist who visited the tropics. This man had an indefinable quality about him.

“Would you believe me if I said I’m the prince of a small island country to the southwest of Ireland?”

She looked at the lovely man beside her. Was he a prince? Maybe. The thing was, it didn’t matter to her. She had enjoyed Sinyn. “Tell me about this island.” She listened as he told about Inis Daire, pronounced Inis Derry.

“Inis means island and Daire means an oak grove. My homeland is renowned for our oak furniture. I came to Cairns because I was told to come. The local seer. She decreed I would find my future here.”

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