The Not So Secret Baby(10)

By: Amarinda Jones

“Isadora, your child will rise to grow into a good, strong man who will carry on the good his father has already done.”

“A son?” Until this moment, other than acknowledging the medical fact she was pregnant, the realities hadn’t really hit home. How strange it is that I’m in a foreign country, with a real life prince, sitting in a quaint stone cottage discussing a future I could never have envisaged three months ago.

Sinyn smiled. “Katie knows everything.”

Whereas I have no idea what I know or think or am going to do. Sex with Sinyn? Fantastic. Could I build a life from lust and need? That is the question. Izzy knew she wasn’t the type of woman who would latch on to a man for convenience sake. “The thing is, Katie, I’m not staying. I have a life back in Australia.” But then, how can I go and not see Sinyn again? Am I being led by my heart or my libido?

Katie shook her head. “No you don’t. You have a job you hate, more bills than money, and a life that is not living. Isadora, you are just existing.”

That was her life in a nutshell. Izzy looked at Sinyn. “You had me investigated?”

“No need,” Sinyn responded. “I have Katie. She’s better than the CIA, Interpol, and the MI5.”

“Anthony seeks to hurt Isadora.”

“I will kill him before that happens.” Sinyn’s voice was cold, hard, and factual.

Izzy shivered at the tone. What the hell have I walked in to? Whatever it is, I appear to have been destined to be here. She surprised herself by squeezing Sinyn’s hand. She had never relied on anyone before. It was unnerving but nice.

“Aye, you will shed blood, prince, but you will not kill,” Katie told him.

Guilt rushed at Izzy. “This is why I should go home. I’m a disruption you don’t need to your home and family.”

Old Katie reached over and took her other hand. “My child, we need you more than you can imagine. You and your babe will bring a happiness into Prince Sinyn’s life he has never known.”

Izzy looked at Sinyn. “You’re not happy?” She had been so caught up in her own feelings Izzy hadn’t stopped long enough to consider his.

“I’m fine, Izzy.”

“The prince lies. He is lonely and needs you, Isadora.”

“Damn seer,” Sinyn muttered in amused resignation.

Old Katie chuckled.

It hadn’t occurred to Izzy Sinyn could be lonely or that someone could need her. No one ever had before. That complicated things. She had strong feelings for him. But what Katie was indicating was love and a lifelong commitment. This is all happening too fast.

“Love is not dependent on time. And yes, Isadora, you are the love of his life. You just need to believe in yourself and the fact you can love and be loved. This has nothing to do with sex.” Katie shifted in her chair. “Life happens as it’s supposed to. You cannot hold it back.”

“What more on Anthony?” Sinyn asked.

“He is weak. It is his harlot that will try to injure Isadora.”

Chapter Seven

Sinyn pushed opened the door and gazed upon the naked woman in the bath. Her eyes were closed and her hair caught up in a knot on top of her head. His gaze followed a couple of stray tendrils down to where they lay on her wet glistening breasts. Sinyn licked his lips remembering how sweet it was to suck her nipples and hear Izzy moan and clutch at his head. He smiled as he watched her twirl one foot in the air, soapy bubbles sliding down her skin. His dick jerked with need. It wasn’t just that Izzy was naked. Sinyn knew it was more than that. It was about everything the woman had brought in his life. Yes, the baby was a wonderful surprise, but the fact that this was a woman he could love and cherish was even more important than sex. Sinyn chuckled at the thought. Once upon a time bedding every available woman had been his passion.

“I’m trying to have a bath here, prince.” Izzy didn’t even turn her head to look at him.

That amused him more. This wasn’t a woman who was impressed by titles or outward grand appearances. Sinyn had heard that Australians rarely were and that they believed themselves the equal and sometimes the better of many. On Inis Daire, while many had evolved past bowing to any member of the Donnelly clan, there were still a few who enjoyed the idea of monarchy.

“I know.” Sinyn shut the door behind him and pulled his shirt up over his head. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with Izzy. While he didn’t love her, he knew he could quite easy fall in love with her. He had never said that of any other woman he had bedded. Sinyn moved to stand before her, his hands pulling at the snap of his trousers.

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