The Marquis's New Clothes(10)

By: Lila DiPasqua

The only woman he knew who could render him awestruck again and again.

As the last notes were played, she made a final turn and a deep curtsy to her partner, the Baron de Ranvier. Ranvier immediately offered his arm and escorted her off the dance floor.

Intent on intercepting Aimee before she disappeared into the crowd, Adam began to make his way through the throng, just as the King rose, descended the steps, and exited the Hall of Mirrors to enter his gardens.

The crush immediately followed him out, the mass moving across Adam’s path making it impossible to do anything but move with the flow.

He lost sight of Aimee.

Moments later, he found himself outside in the gardens. A hush fell over the crowd surrounding him. Anticipation infused the silence as the mass gazed up at the night sky, everyone aware of what was about to happen. Suddenly, the heavens filled with explosions of lights and sounds, spectacular fireworks dazzling and delighting His Majesty’s court. Louis did everything on a grand scale to demonstrate to all that he was King of the most powerful realm in all of Christendom. Adam scanned the crowds but couldn’t find his golden-eyed beauty.

A hand touched his sleeve and grabbed his attention. To his astonishment, Aimee was standing beside him smiling. His heart quickened, sending blood rushing to his already stiff prick. In an instant, his cock felt as heavy as lead. Dieu, this woman had him unbalanced. Each time he thought he’d have to do the chasing, she appeared before him.

Because of the crush around them, she stood so close to him, her soft breasts lightly pressing against his arm, wreaking havoc on his senses.

“Good evening, Adam.” Her voice was elevated due to the noise of the fireworks. “Are you enjoying the fireworks?” she asked. He barely noticed them with her so near.

“Yes. Are you?”

Her beautiful golden eyes swept heavenward. “Yes. They’re lovely.” She returned her gaze to him.

Adam leaned in, using the loudness of the exploding fireworks as his excuse to move closer to her. “I trust you’re feeling better?”

“Much better, thank you. How goes the work on the fountains and your machine?”

He smiled, once again pleased by her interest. “It goes well. I’ll be giving the King a demonstration tomorrow afternoon.”

“Tomorrow? With the keen interest he showed today, I would have thought he’d want to see your demonstration immediately.”

“The King has other officials here to meet with. I understand that he was occupied the better part of the day with his Lieutenant General of Police.”

Her smile faded slightly. “Oh . . . really? The Lieutenant General of Police . . .” She looked away, gazing up at the skies.

All the telltale signs of her desire were there. Her heart raced; he could see the rapid pulse on her slender neck. And her breathing was a little faster than normal. Someone bumped her from behind, pushing her up against him harder.

A bolt of lust rocked him.

Merde. He had to fuck her. Soon. He couldn’t take much more.

She placed a hand against his chest and gently pushed herself away as best she could. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be. I’m not.”

To his delight, she didn’t shy away. In fact, she hadn’t looked all that sorry she’d bumped into him. Her smile was unwavering, bordering on sultry, as she moved to stand in front of him, her skirts deliciously caressing his leg, the space between their bodies so provocatively minimal.

“You’re wearing blue,” she said, looking pleased.

His gaze drifted down over what he could see of her appealing form. “So are you. Quite magnificently, if the truth be told.” He liked the awareness between them.

“I’d say just about any color suits you, Adam. You truly have the finest justacorps.”

“Thank you.” He’d no idea why they were talking about his clothes except to guess that she was nervous. He could sense it. She wanted to touch him. That much was obvious. As obvious as the heat mounting between them the longer their bodies remained this close.

He definitely approved of the direction this was going . . .

Aimee had stirred his hunger. She could see it in his dark eyes. It was so raw and real, it made her head spin. Clearly, her skill at seduction was improving, for she was the one in command of the game at the moment. All she had to do was remain in control of her desire. And his. That’s how this game is played, no?

The seducer had command over the seduced.

If only her body wasn’t conspiring against her. Being this close to him made her sex slick. And ache. This wasn’t about satisfying her starved senses. Or physical longings. This was about helping her cousin and keeping her safe from Renault.