The Last of His Kind(9)

By: Doris O Connor

She moaned her denial, and he smiled. Taking her bound wrists, he kissed them and then shoved her up the bed to loop the fabric around her bed post. His thigh spread her legs wider, whilst he tested the bonds.

"Comfortable there, ceannbeag? Let me know if your arms get sore."

She nodded, her breaths coming in short gasps, the scent of her arousal mixed with his own driving his true self wild with the need to take and brand her as his.

"Keep your legs spread for me. I want to see that beautiful cunt quivering, wet, and needy for me. If you try to shut your legs I'll have to bind those, too. Understood?"

"Ye…yesss." Her hips bucked off the bed, when he bent down and licked a trail along her breasts, his fingers sliding inside her and massaging her sweet spot. Her pussy walls clenched around his digits, and he used his other hand to push her hips back down onto the bed.

"No coming without me, or I'll stop."

"No, please, please, don't stop." Her pleas echoed in the stillness of the room. He could see her as clearly as if it was daylight, and his heart swelled with pride at her responsiveness. She had to be sore after his earlier fast fucking of her, yet here she was so eager for him that his fingers were coated in her essence.

He raised himself up, better to see her response and pinched her clit, whilst massaging her g-spot. She bucked and screamed his name, as her body climbed, her skin blushing all over, her eyes closed, head thrashing on the cushion. He took her to the edge time and time again, alternating pinches to her clit with small bites to her breasts, the line of her ribs, the velvet skin on her abdomen, until he reached her mound. The little strip of hair made him smile, and he shifted his fingers to her nether hole, stretching, probing, and readying her for his invasion. His cock throbbed and swelled in anticipation. He blew across her swollen labia, and Penelope pushed herself into his waiting mouth like a wanton. He latched onto the swollen nub peeking out at him and bit down hard. Her whole body clenched, and he soothed the sting with his tongue, lapping up her essence spilling out of her.

"You taste so fucking spectacular. Come for me, ceannbeag."

She responded instantly, her juices flooding into his waiting mouth as she screamed her orgasm. He licked her clean, ignoring the fierce ache in his balls. He owed her a few mind-blowing little deaths, for he would be gone with the first few rays of light. The curse would not let him linger, and for reasons he couldn’t even explain to himself, he dared not risk her possible rejection. He ruthlessly squashed the tiny seed of hope unfurling in his chest. If she turned from him in disgust – he raised his head from between her thighs and roared his frustration – his heart would never beat normally again, far better not to risk it, and to watch her from afar.


She lay panting, her whole body shaking in delicious aftershocks, dimly aware of the humongous roar shaking the whole room. Too spent to even open her eyes she simply clenched her thighs around his head. The silky strands of his hair stuck to her legs and tickled her clit as he removed his fingers from deep inside her ass and spread her as wide as her protesting muscles would allow. The sweet burn along her inner thigh made her moan anew, and her eyes flew open when he bit the tender flesh there hard enough to draw blood. He let go of her abruptly, his golden eyes glowing in the darkness of her bedroom, and her heart skipped a beat. If this was one of her novels this would make perfect sense, but shifters weren't real. They couldn't be.

His slow smile settled somewhere perilously close to her heart.

"Did I give you permission to move?" He chuckled at her sharply indrawn breath and turned her over just enough to deliver a few sharp slaps to her ass cheeks, still sore from earlier. The burn spread across her skin, and to her shame she grew wet again. But that felt so good. He massaged the sting away, and her throat went dry when she followed his gaze.

"What have we here? Just what I need for your punishment."

He reached across her to the scented candle she kept on her nightstand, and Penelope's heart tried to beat itself out of her chest when he lit it effortlessly with the matches she kept in easy reach. Surely he wouldn't? She watched in fascination when he ran his hand repeatedly over the flame and murmured his approval when the wax started to run down the side of its thin stalk.

"Doric, please…You can't."

"I can't what? Have you forgotten you're mine for tonight?" Before she could respond he tipped the candle just enough for a small trail of wax to glide between her breasts. She gasped at the sensation of the hot wax sliding along her sensitive skin, and his smile turned wickedness itself. He wiped the wax away within seconds of it scorching her skin, leaving a delicious tingle in its wake. Her nipples turned into turgid peaks. Her clit contracted the closer that trail of wax came to her mound. He drew patterns along her skin, leaving the wax to settle now. Every new hot drop sent her need spiraling as the sweet pain morphed into white hot arousal. He watched her closely for her reaction, murmuring his approval, the hard length of his cock nudging her thigh. By the time he parted her labia and hovered the candle above it, she was so close to coming she was begging for her release.

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