The Last of His Kind(8)

By: Doris O Connor

He withdrew immediately, and a series of open handed swats to her ass followed, swats that set her skin on fire and had her hovering on the painful edge of release. She whimpered her need, and he bit her shoulder, his body now curiously cold and smooth. He roared something in that strange language he'd used before, and before she could draw another breath he raised one of her legs and drove his cock into her pussy. She screamed at the sudden invasion, as his huge prick filled her, the pain notching her own arousal up. He pulled out and thrust deep, seating himself further with every forceful pump, alternating pumps with swats to her ass that sent wave after wave of fiery sensation across her skin, until all awareness centered in her clitoris. Higher and higher she flew, and when he roared his release into her neck, a hit to the tight bundle of nerves sent her tumbling into the abyss.

Chapter Four

With one last roar loud enough to shake the room Doric spilled his hot seed inside the tight pussy clamping down around his cock. Pain travelled from his hip around his body, his tail swished violently, his claws sliced through the plaster of the wall, and his whole body shook, as the last of the poison left his system. The woman in his arms writhed and panted, caught in the grip of her own powerful orgasm, her sweat-soaked body quivering. Her knees gave way when his cock slipped out of her tight haven, his seed leaving a red, fiery trail along the inside of her thigh.

He knew his species’ seed burned their sexual partners, designed to send them into an erotic frenzy to allow him to bite and let his seed take hold. An action he never before had been so tempted to do that his jaw ached and his vision blurred. He ground his teeth and forced his body back into human form. He swore softly at the devastation his tail and claws had wrought on Penelope's cozy sitting room, and he scanned her form anxiously for any sign of damage. He never lost control like this, damn it. What was it about her?

Her skin was flushed, and she trembled, her eyes glazed and not quite focused when he took the makeshift blindfold off. Deeply lost in subspace she murmured unintelligible sounds of feminine bliss that had his cock hardening again. Some of his anxiety left him to be replaced by the sharp stab of possessiveness. Her ass glowed pink from his hand, her spine carried the marks of his claws, and her perfectly formed small nipples were stiff points of deep red, calling for his touch. He massaged her breasts, the small handful fitting perfectly into his palm, and she moaned. Her eyes slowly focused, and a blush stole into her cheeks, as shivers racked her body. She pushed against him and tried to cover up her nakedness as best she could with her wrists still bound.

"Don't look at me like that. I know I'm nothing much to look at."

Her eyes widened at his roar in response, and he caught her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head. He slid his cock along her slit and caught her groan in his mouth. He deepened the kiss, his teeth mashing with hers, and when he released her with a sharp nip to her bottom lip, a renewed surge of her juices coated his cock. She trapped it between her clenched thighs, and he chuckled.

"Does that feel as though you're nothing to look at? Whichever sorry excuse of a human male put that ridiculous notion in your head, forget about him. You're mine now, do you hear me?" He thrust just enough for the tip of his cock to enter her, and her pussy clamped down trying to draw him in. He yanked her hair and shook his head. "Answer me, ceannbeag. Do. You. Hear. Me?" Every word was punctuated by another shallow thrust, torturing them both.

"Yes, God yes, I'm sorry, please just, I need—" Her breathy pleas ramped up his own need, and he grasped her ass and lifted her effortlessly, still denying his prick entrance to the sweet haven of her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and her eyes went wide when he ran one hand through her soaked nether lips and pushed his thumb into her anus.

"You need my juicy cock to fill you here, ceannbeag?"

"God, yes, there, anywhere, please just fuck me hard. I'm yours to do with as you see fit." Their eyes locked, and he smiled, as he slowly, inch by inch, allowed his cock to slide into heaven. Her feral moans in his ear were the sexiest sound ever.

"Let's take this somewhere more comfortable." She tightened around him with every step he took up the stairs until he found her bedroom. By the time he dumped her on the bed his balls throbbed painfully with the need to empty, to send her into a frenzy once again. Never before had he felt such a strong connection to another being, let alone a human. His heart leaped in his chest at the trust and need he saw in her eyes. He allowed himself a few slow measured strokes inside the velvet glove of her pussy, before he pulled out.

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