The Last of His Kind(24)

By: Doris O Connor

"Aye, it's a gid sign. This hoose is blessed fir sure. Let's git yae upstairs, wee yin. It'll no be long, ah reckon."

True to Ana's predictions in no time at all Arac and Morin entered the world in a furious bout of wailing at the whole indignity of being born. Doric caught his sons, and placed them on their mother's chest, where the boys settled. Penelope's heart swelled, and her tears mixed with Doric's as they sat and watched their sons stare up at them.

The last of his kind was no more. A bright new future dawned for all of them. The news of Euan's death had reached them only that morning. The eagle had been killed, resisting capture, having finally been tracked down by the authorities. With that last cloud lifted, their babies’ future was as safe as it could be. Ana tiptoed out of the room, a broad smile on her lined features.

Who said fairy tales could not come true?

The End

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