The Last of His Kind(10)

By: Doris O Connor

"Easy, I've got you. Shut your eyes." His deep voice sent a warm glow through her, and she obeyed immediately. The burn to her clit stung like crazy before his warm mouth soothed it away, and the tingles spread across her skin. He swung her legs over his shoulders, his warm hands digging into her ass and spreading her wide. She tensed for an instant when the slick head of his cock nudged against her anus. He squeezed her butt cheeks hard enough to hurt, his voice carrying an unmistakable demand to obey.

"Relax. I have no wish to hurt you. Look at me. Breathe in, and let it go as I push."

She complied, her eyes filling with tears as her unused muscled stretched and burned, and he pushed past the tight ring of muscles. The veins on his neck stood out, and he grit his teeth.

"Jesus, you're so tight. Relax for me, ceannbeag. That's it. So fucking good."

He moved one hand between her legs and claimed her mouth in a bruising kiss until he'd slid all the way in. The intense pressure eased, and her body once again started to climb. She yanked on her restraints, desperate to touch him, the pain in her wrists merging with the sensations in her ass as Doric began to thrust. His heavy balls hit her lower back; his thumb on her clit worked his magic; his labored breaths in her neck spurred her on, and she clenched around him, making him curse. His nails dug painfully into her ass cheeks. He pulled out and thrust back in with such force the bed shook. Penelope screamed as pain mixed with pleasure, and every forceful thrust sent her body climbing higher and higher. When he released deep inside her ass, the hot burn sent her tumbling over the edge, waves of fire rolling over her skin until it all centered between her thighs, and multiple waves of pleasure burst from within her.

When the room finally stopped spinning and her breathing slowed enough to stop hurting the emotion she glimpsed briefly in Doric's golden eyes, squeezed her heart like a vise. She was in real danger of falling hopelessly in love with her rescued man from the Loch.

Chapter Five

Penelope blinked in the bright sunshine falling across her bed and groaned. Every muscle in her body hurt after last night's activities. She'd lost count how many times Doric had brought her to one screaming orgasm after the other, interspersing hard fucking with surprising tender moments. Like insisting to run a bath for her, to soothe her aches away. She'd fallen asleep, only to wake up to him standing over her, watching her with such a tender expression in his eyes, her heart had turned into an excited rabbit. She'd smiled at him, and he'd pulled her out of the bath, wrapped her up into a fluffy towel, and then deposited her on her bed. She'd been surprised to see that he'd even changed the sheets. He'd ordered her to turn over and then proceeded to rub her lavender body lotion all over her skin in such a sensual massage she'd been a quivering mass of need.

To her delight he'd allowed her touch in the slow, languorous lovemaking that followed, and she'd reveled in the freedom to explore the hard contours of his body. She'd licked the tight pectorals, and run her tongue along the peaks and dips of his abdominals, trailed her fingers through his chest hair and cupped his huge erection. She'd reveled in his reaction when she'd run her tongue along his cock head, cupping his balls and taking him as deep as she could without gagging. The salty taste of him had proved addictive. Penelope had never liked giving head before, but with Doric, this, too, was a feast of the senses. His spunk had burnt a fiery trail down her throat, yet she'd reveled in the odd sensation and milked every last drop from him.

Doric, being Doric, had taken his revenge by wrenching orgasm after orgasm from her using his tongue and fingers before he'd taken her in another fast ride seeking his own pleasure. She'd fallen asleep in his arms, with him murmuring words in that strange language again.

She stretched, feeling like the cat that got the cream and smiled at the sunshine. Not often you woke up to such a beautiful day in Scotland. It was almost as though nature itself rejoiced with her this morning. Her smile froze, and she grabbed the sheet to cover herself instinctively, when her eyes connected with the small beady ones watching her intently through the pane of her window. The same eagle she'd spotted several times before sat on her window ledge, watching her with an unsettling intensity. Penelope was no birds of prey expert, but she knew enough to be puzzled by this eagle's behavior.

She was pretty sure they didn't normally come so close to humans, nor fixed them with such a disapproving stare. There you go again, girl. Your stories are going to your head. He's a bird that's all. She forced herself to let go of the sheet and turning her back on the eagle, climbed out of bed on the opposite side. When she risked a peek over her shoulder, the huge bird had left, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

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