The Chilbury Ladies' Choir(126)

By: Jennifer Ryan

My magnificent agent, Alexandra Machinist at ICM, combines editorial wisdom, publishing instinct, and immense charm in a truly spellbinding way. Thank you for your razor-sharp guidance and expertise. Thanks also to the invaluable Hillary Jacobson.

Special gratitude goes to Karolina Sutton, my brilliant and distinguished agent at Curtis Brown in London. Thank you for your tremendous skill and support. Huge thanks also go to Sophie Baker, my dynamic translation rights agent at Curtis Brown in London, and to my publishers around the world, including Martin Breitfeld at Kiepenheur & Witsch in Germany, and Anne Michel at Albin Michel in France.

Finally, to my sister, Alison Mussett, thank you for your invaluable ideas and first-class editing. Hearing your reassuring voice at the end of the phone has made this book as much yours as mine. Thank you more than I can say. My warmest gratitude also goes to my mother, Joan Cooper, for her ongoing support and keen reading eye. And lastly, massive thanks go to my family, Lily and Arabella and my wonderful husband, Pat, without whom this book would never have been written.

Jennifer Ryan was born in Kent, England, and now lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and their children. Before turning her hand to writing, she was a book editor, both in London and Washington, D.C.