The Alpha King(85)

By: Vicktor Alexander

* * * *

Tal sighed as he pulled the blanket up over Lalani and slowly stepped away from her crib, backing out of the nursery slowly and very quietly. It had taken him three and a half hours, but he had finally gotten all of the babies to sleep. Either he'd gotten better at putting them to bed or they had decided to take it easy on their daddy that night and fall asleep quickly.

It was at times like this, he almost considered taking Blaze up on his previous 'Let's get a nanny, just in case. Besides it's tradition' offer. However, he soon remembered he loved putting his babies to bed, and he wouldn't change it for anything in the world, especially because he loved the moment when he looked at them and they were quiet and asleep.

Happy he'd gotten out of the nursery without waking any of them, Tal breathed a sigh of relief. He would kill anyone who woke them before morning.

Softly closing the door, making sure to engage the video and audio baby monitors in case one of the babies needed him, he walked through the sitting room and headed towards his and Blaze's bedroom. From there he'd go on into the bathroom where he had a nice, long bubble bath waiting on him. He smiled when he noticed his two younger brothers playing some game on the vid screen. He was so happy to have them back in his life. Happy his memory of them and their parents had started to come back. Happy that his birth family, his adopted family, and the family he'd mated into were whole.

Well… almost. His smile quickly faded when he saw Percy and Buck doing their level best to ignore the mating pull. While thrilled to have his brothers and the opportunity to grow closer to them daily, he hated watching Percy and Buck drift further and further apart. The time would come, soon, when Percy would give up on Buck altogether and turn to the first available man he could find.

While Percy would never see Tal's brothers as love interests, Tal had it on good authority that Duke Mufariso, the Zeelithian diplomat, due to arrive any day, happened to be single, gay, and had spoken to Blaze a time or two about the man whose beautiful voice had been left on his messenging device so many times. Tal could only hope that Buck pulled his head out of his ass in time to stop Duke from getting his cock into Percy.

Tal smiled over at Trenton and Tuvarion, walking up behind them and ruffling their hair. He chuckled when Tuvarion giggled and his grin grew when Trenton looked up with a large smile. He and his brothers had a very emotional reunion    , the two younger men sharing their memories of their childhood with Tal. Tal had almost dissolved into tears when Josie had told both young men she would be adopting them as her younger brothers, and he had sobbed harshly when his parents had agreed with her statement.

He also noticed the way Rico watched Trenton carefully when the Gamma guard had come to bring Buck a report, and figured out Rico was Trenton's mate. It made him smile because he knew Trenton would be well cared for if Rico were the young man's mate. He placed a kiss on each of his brothers' heads and turned to head back towards his bedroom and his own mate. His gaze once again drifted to Percy and Buck and his mind filled with thoughts of their problems and possible solutions.

He was thinking of a plan to bring them together when his thoughts were interrupted as strong arms lifted him in the air and carried him off towards the bathroom, one hand pressed to his mouth so he couldn't scream.

"I didn't want you to wake the babies." His mate's deep voice rumbled in his ear.

"Good move there, slick. Now what did you carry me in here for?" he questioned, letting one eyebrow stretch up towards his forehead as he grinned at his older mate.

"I wanted to wash your back," Blaze replied with a lecherous gleam in his eye.

Tal smiled. "Well, whatever you want my Alpha King. I am here to serve you."

Blaze snorted before gathering Tal into his arms. "I love you, Talon."

"And I love you, Blazell," Tal responded.

Tal lifted his lips and pressed them against his mate's, relishing in the love they shared, the children they'd made together, the family they had, and their hearts, which beat as one. The crash that brought him to Tumaro could have been devastating, lives could have been lost, and love would have never been experienced. Instead, it became the best thing that ever happened. From what Blaze often told him, he felt exactly the same way. Life, and the GPA, would bring its own set of problems and dangers to Tal, his mate, their children, family and friends, but for now, in that moment, he would bask in their love.

The love between Talon Versuthion-Roughshire and his Alpha King.