The Alpha King(8)

By: Vicktor Alexander

Tal nodded and smiled, but he determined he'd never find his mate. He loved his family, but nothing lasted forever. People died, and people left. They especially left him, so it would do no good for him to have a mate he wouldn't want to live without, knowing one day that mate would do the same and leave him behind.

He also had that whole men getting pregnant thing. He couldn't wrap his mind around it and utterly refused to do so. It might work for some other people, but at the age of fourteen, the thought of carrying a child scared the ever-loving shit out of him and he would not consider the possibility.

From that day onward, Tal refused to get emotionally entangled with anyone. He might be Vermithian, but he didn't have to let fate decide his destiny.


It might be years later, but Tal still shuddered at the thought of carrying a child so he required every boyfriend, every meaningless fuck, every one-night stand or bathroom hookup to wear a condom… even if a mutual jerkoff or blowjob might be the only thing they did. He'd gotten a reputation for being overly protective and safe when it came to sex, even though most of the STDs from centuries past were completely eradicated. People still used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and while Tal hadn't met anyone he felt inexplicably drawn to, he wouldn't be taking any chances.

Of course, Josie, being a nosey older sister, refused to let his behavior go without remarking on it. His online friend, 'Mail S' did the same, the two oftentimes ganging up on Tal over the years telling him to stop being so fearful. But he ignored them. He had his reasons and they didn't understand.

He should have known Josie wouldn't give up so easily. The day they loaded their shuttle for their most recent expedition and delivery, she decided to speak to him about the direction his life had taken.

"You know what? I think you never look for anything serious and are so cautious about the whole condom thing because you're actually afraid of any type of committed emotion," Josie stated when she stored her case, filled with clothing, toiletries, electronic books and music in her private cabin before turning to face him.

Her thick black hair swung back behind her shoulders, the tight curls never losing their spring.

"What the hell are you blathering on about?" Tal murmured and sauntered away, putting an exaggerated swing in his hips, smiling when Josie giggled.

He didn't need much room to slide past her in the narrow hallway, his height and weight almost matching Josie's small but curvy frame. He walked towards his own quarters on the rather luxurious shuttle and put away his travel items. He loved traveling with his sister, he really did, but she'd become horribly focused on him finding his mate and having a bunch of 'little Tals' running around. Josie more than likely tried to live vicariously through him. It had been a year since she'd broken up with her last boyfriend, a disgusting blue bird shifter named Oponkian, from the planet of Bolauntiq. Josie had met Oponkian when she'd gone with Tal to make a delivery of Vamprician Flow to the planet's kingdom. Tal had never regretted a delivery so much before.

Josie followed him to the shuttle's flight deck and sat in her chair next to his. "I'm talking about you, Tally. You and your fear of your mate, whomever he is, and your fear of having children of your own." With a final wave to their parents through the forward viewing window, she helped him prepare for liftoff.

"Josie, where the hell are these children supposed to come from if my mate is a man and I get pregnant? I sure as hell won't be shooting them out of my ass, my mouth, or any other small hole on me," Tal growled his usual, rather silly defense, hoping she would be put off while he focused on inputting their destination's coordinates into the shuttle's computer navigational system.

"Mom already told you when it was time for you to give birth a line would appear on your stomach and open so the doctor would be able to deliver the baby. That's not an excuse anymore," Josie pointed out.

Tal shot her a glare and turned his head back to focus on flying. He set the coordinates for Strawxig and turned his mind to the delivery they were making to Leader Torqran of the GPA. He had no idea why he had specifically been asked for, but he wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. He'd to make enough money with this one delivery to get his own place so he wouldn't have to keep sharing an apartment with his sister. Hell, he'd be making enough money to move to the affluent planet of Printakium, even if the planet had been overrun with vampires. He'd gotten to the point where he'd rather live in an area surrounded by rich, undead snobs than to listen to his family drone on and on about his lack of goals, ambitions, dreams, and how he needed to look for his mate.