The Alpha King(7)

By: Vicktor Alexander

"Oh, Mom, I'm so sorry." Tal wrapped his arms around her after his parents separated and she turned back to him.

"It's okay, honey, it was during the Destruction of 2410. He'd enlisted to fight for the GPA and had barely taken off in their shuttle to go to the training camps when a shock ray missile collided with it." Markaela inhaled deeply, exhaling on a shaky breath. "I felt it when he died. It felt like my heart, my mind, and my soul were being ripped in half. It was horrible. It could have been much worse had we completed the mating fully and had I been carrying his child. A piece of me would have died with him and I would have felt disjointed, incomplete for the rest of my life. And to be honest, I did for a time, but…" She looked up at Wendiford and smiled. "I met your father three years later and it was love at first sight. He was the first true humanoid that I could tolerate outside of other Vermithians. We met in GPA Academy and Leadership University. We were married four months after meeting."

Tal smiled slightly when his parents kissed each other softly, his own worries easing momentarily in the face of their obvious affection for each other. Even at the age of fourteen, Tal knew his parents had something special and something he wanted. They weren't true mates, yet seemed to still be made for each other in some way. Could it be possible that being with his true mate would be even better than being with someone that he just fell in love with?

When their gazes returned to his face, however, the reality of his situation came crashing back down on his head and his heartbeat sped up and his hands became clammy with sweat. He had a mate out there. Some man created just for him and they would get together and he would get Tal pregnant… pregnant. And what if fate didn't know he was gay and his mate ended up being female? What the hell would he do with a girl?

"So, how am I supposed to know who my mate is, exactly? And what if they're a female?" he questioned hesitantly, his voice wobbling and at a higher pitch than normal in the face of his fear and uncertainty.

"I sincerely doubt fate would have you be gay and then bond you with a female, Son." His father pointed out with an indulgent smile.

Tal blushed, but it had been a genuine question. He grinned when his father leaned over his mother to reassuringly pat his knee.

He shrugged when his mother chuckled softly.

"You'll be able to tell as soon as you're around them. Their smell, their presence, their voice, all of it will feel like a blanket being wrapped around you, making you feel warm, safe, and protected. Also, you'll be able to tell when you touch for the first time." Markaela smiled softly.

Tal could tell that she was remembering her korlisdian and he looked over at his father to see if he reacted. Seeing nothing but love shining in his father's eyes, Tal's heart clenched even as he sighed in relief. His parents loved each other fiercely and a part of him wanted that himself… a very small part. His mother took in a deep breath and Tal refocused his attention on her.

"After that it will be nearly impossible for you two or you three to be apart from each other, without feeling as if you are going to climb the walls and destroy everything around you. It's pretty hard not to know who your mate is. And you will find yourself not caring about where you are or who is around you because all you'll want to do is to make love to them or have them make love to you," she pointed out.

Wendiford gasped and Markaela merely lifted a shoulder.

"Don't you think he's a little young to be thinking about making love, darling?" Wendiford asked, giving Tal a small smile.

Markaela laughed in delight and patted her husband's cheek with the open palm of her right hand. "Oh, stop being a prude Mr Edifice. You know we Vermithians talk about sex frequently. It's like talking about the weather. I know you've never been comfortable with it but Talon is Vermithian and he's going to talk like this himself. Besides, he needs to know; he could meet his korlisdian at any time and he's going to want to know why it seems as if he needs to always be with that person, why he seems to crave them, and why it seems as if they aren't making love, or touching, or talking, or even in the same room together in some way, he'll feel the need to hunt his mate down. If we don't tell him, someone else will, like Josie, or maybe he'll ask one of his friends, or go and look up the details. He could get the wrong information. He might even ask his friend from that chatroom, what's his name?" Markaela snapped her fingers. "Mail S! He might ask him, and what will that Tumaron boy be able to tell him about being Vermithian and finding his mate?"

Markaela looked back over to Tal and smiled lovingly. "Talon, honey, meeting your mate is the most amazing thing in the world."