The Alpha King(6)

By: Vicktor Alexander

He shook his head. "But that's impossible! I'm a guy!" he blustered, his eyes darting from his mother to his father.

He turned and looked around for a camera crew to come out and tell him everything he'd learned had been a big joke, just one big mistake. But no one came out and Tal began to accept his parents just might be telling him the truth.

"B-but how?" he wailed, realizing he whined, but thinking the occasion called for it.

He thought he'd show his parents how adult he could be when he came out to them and for the most part he had achieved his goal, but he even his online friend 'Mail S' from Tumaro would agree his new situation warranted some whining and sulking.

"You're Vermithian, honey. For your people, being born a man is merely a formality, not a fact," Markaela stated, her voice soft, sweet, and oddly soothing to everyone that she met.

Tal instantly began to calm down. Realizing Markaela used her 'nature communing voice' he jerked out of the peaceful trance he'd found himself in and sat up in his chair quickly, ignoring the sighs of his parents.

"What does that mean?" Tal asked, the words wrenched from his throat.

"If you weren't gay then it would mean nothing. You would marry a woman and your genetic DNA would alter the very first time you mated with her so you would be able to impregnate her. Since you are, in fact, gay, then your DNA will alter to allow you to become pregnant when you mate with your husband," Wendiford explained.

Tal looked at his father in confusion, shaking his head.

"Tal, Son, you will, in essence, grow a womb the moment you mate with someone else for the first time."

Tal stiffened and an icy heat flowed over his body. Flashes of two people, two older, beautiful people, a man and a woman, passed through his head, the two of them laughing and talking with two men, both of them equally as beautiful as the first couple, and one of the men had been pregnant. Tal could see them as if looking through a fog. And with that picture he heard the sound of children laughing. Blinking his eyes rapidly when the pictures dissipated, he saw his parents still gazing at him awaiting his response.

Tal blinked, whether from the memory or the information they'd just given him he didn't know. Firmly aware of the fact they were warning him of something that would be life-altering.

"Wait… mate? What do you mean? You mean like have sex with?" Tal questioned, remembering the last thing his adopted father said.

"Not really." Markaela sighed. "Tal, I am Vermithian as well, and our people are created, hard-wired if you will, by the fates, the heavens, to recognize, to submit, to love, and be bonded to one or two other people for the rest of our lives. We can have sex with however many people, whatever species that we want with no adverse effect, but something happens to our DNA when we experience the release of our mate's orgasmic fluids in our bodies. Our hearts pound in our chests, our bodies fill with warmth, but we don't even have to wait for that moment to know that we have found our mate or mates. The minute we hear their voice our bodies are instantly drawn to them, everything about them calls to us." Markaela took Tal's hand within her own, her bright brown eyes wide. "However, after we are mated, that very first time, our bodies shift and adjust to accommodate itself to our partner so that we can continue our genetic line and heritage. The good thing is that we only carry for six months and can become pregnant again a year and a half after having delivered."

Tal looked at his adopted mother and nodded, finally understanding. Although…

"Why didn't you and Dad ever have any children of your own then?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow when he noticed his parents' shared look of trepidation.

"Because Dad isn't my korlisdian and he's unable to father my children. My mate died when we were both eighteen, before we ever had a chance to bond officially," Markaela stated, her voice choking on a sob.

She turned into Wendiford's arms and he pulled her close, holding her while she sobbed harshly. Tal felt horrible. He made his mother cry, which hadn't been his intention, but what should he have thought? He and Josie had always known they were adopted. Tal had been adopted at the age of six, according to the documents on the table, a mere three months after being orphaned. They had taken Josie in, at the age of nine, the year before him.

Tal glanced briefly down at the open folder and noticed it stated his parents had been chosen especially for him by the leader of another planet. Why would the leader of another planet care about him? And who the hell was Alpha King Agnistion? Tal turned back to his parents when he heard his mother sniffle, reminding himself to ask about his unknown guardian angel later.