The Alpha King(5)

By: Vicktor Alexander

From the old to the young, the humans had been slowly dying off and the GPA had to step in to do something. They were saved and three different breeds of humanoids were created as part of the terms of their agreement.

The remaining three hundred humans were taken from Earth and then separated and spread out among five different planets. On two of those five planets all of the humans died in childbirth or after breathing in the air of the planet's atmosphere. On the other three, they thrived and the humanoids were birthed from the union    s that took place there, something the GPA had not planned on or intended.

The Vermithians were the biggest shock of all, in no small part because of the Versuthions. Namely, Traven Versuthion, the first Vermithian in existence and his mates, Joshua Roughshire and Paris Luklinn. Traven's relationship with Joshua and his mating with Paris had sparked the prophecy that had driven fear in the heart of the GPA and even some of the other humanoid breeds.

Tal grew up learning the history of the three races, starting with what he thought of as his, Edifician. The Edificians, humanoids whose skin color seemed to vary and change with age. were born with skin so pale they were almost translucent, but when they died, their skin was blacker than the darkest of nights. The Edificians were the strongest breed of humanoids around, all of them born to be warriors or soldiers of some kind. They were also the most tolerant. It could be because their skin color changing as they aged prevented them from truly hating the physical differences in others. The planet of Edifice had a reputation for being the strongest and most accepting in the GPA.

Talon had grown up there and never left, even after the death of his birth parents. While his adopted sister, Josie, was Edifician, Tal had always known he couldn't be the same type as his sister and their father. His mother had explained that some Edificians had a rare gene that slowed the varying of the shade of their skin. Tal had assumed she meant herself. She had a golden-tinged hue whereas Wendiford carried a deep, dark bronze color and only a year separated them. Tal had always assumed that perhaps he carried the deformed Edifician gene because he couldn't be Vermithian or Nam.

He might have heard a small voice in the back of his mind telling him he could be Vermithian but Tal held firm to the idea he belonged to the Edifician race. He didn't care to find out otherwise.

The Nams were based on the planet Namprince and known for being pacifists and seemed to bring peace with them no matter where they were. Nams were all extremely tall humanoids. They were often referred to as gentle giants. Wherever they walked, rested, slept or placed their hands, gold glitter dust remained behind. They were very intimidating to look at, their bodies large and their voices extremely deep, even the women. Talking to them could be an experience. But after getting to know them, however, most people left with a strengthened belief in the basic goodness of all species. Tal had slept with a Nam before and while he had walked away from the experience feeling as if the entire galaxy was full of rainbows, sunshine, and happiness, he'd had to scrub his body for weeks before he'd finally rid himself of all of the gold glitter.

Being Nam never crossed his mind as a possibility. His short stature belied the possibility. Not to mention he didn't leave gold behind when he touched something. And Tal would never be known for keeping the peace, more for stirring up trouble most of the time.

Vermithians were the last breed of humanoids created by the evolution of the human race that took place after the destruction of Earth in 2408. While many were spread out throughout the galaxy, they were mainly found on the planet Volantic. Vermithians were also known for being extraordinarily beautiful.

Tal having been told he's beautiful most of his life, still never suspected he was of Vermithian heritage, largely due to the fact an opportunity had never arisen for him to heal someone. His parents didn't have any pets and lived in the city, and he'd always communed with nature and the heavens alongside his foster mother. It never truly occurred to him he had the special abilities to heal.

Wendiford and Markaela shared one last key piece of information with Tal. Aside from being able to conceive, no matter what gender, Vermithians could only get pregnant by or impregnate the mates fate had chosen for them.

In short, Tal discovered everything he'd thought about himself had been a lie. And he could remember the horrible conversation like it happened yesterday.

* * * *

Five Years before the Crash

Sephirscism 29, 2451

Tal stared at his adopted parents in shock, his mind unable to wrap around the idea he could get pregnant. Josie had gone upstairs to watch a vid of her favorite movie Lover Against Lover, a popular gay film. Tal would never understand why his sister had become so obsessed with and in love with movies about gay men, but since she supported him the most and had been the only one who had known about his sexuality up until that point, he couldn't begrudge her of her obsession.