The Alpha King(4)

By: Vicktor Alexander

Although he did enjoy parties and drinking Vamprincian Flow, the most potent drink around, and of course, the endless parade of men that flowed in and out of his apartment, he didn't crave either. They were things to do and to experience to pass the time in between the endless deliveries from his shuttle to other planets, things to take his mind off of the loss of his parents thirteen years ago and the huge chunk of his memory he just couldn't recall. Tal only wanted to wake up every morning and breathe and move, eat, shower, sleep, and occasionally read a book or watch a vid.

His family didn't understand. At nineteen passings they expected him to be experiencing the galaxy, exploring the different planets, excited about the prospect of having a family and settling down. They definitely thought he should at least have a serious boyfriend. They didn't understand Tal didn't care. He didn't want a serious relationship. He didn't care about finding love or even settling down with a career. He only cared about living… living alone.

Wendiford and Markaela Sothsberg adopted him and Josie, since Markaela couldn't give his father children. They decided the death of his birth parents caused him to be so apathetic about his own future. Because they never got a future of their own, Tal never considered having one either. In essence, he waited to die and be reunited with his parents in the Great Beyond.

Tal simply smiled and nodded, indulging their need to explain his behavior. His lack of a personal drive had nothing to do with the untimely death of the two people who had by some twist of fate created him. Their deaths had left him at the mercy of the ICDS, and that led him to being adopted by two upstanding leaders of the Edifician Branch of the Galaxy Peace Allegiance. But none of those reasons had anything to do with the fact he only wanted to live and everything to do with boredom.

Bored. Utterly and unbelievably bored. Of the small, two-bedroom apartment he shared with his older sister Josie in the city of Grulion on the planet of Edifice. Bored of his job as a delivery boy for the GPA, and of having to always be so careful when it came to having sex with a man. He'd even grown tired of having sex with men, and for Tal that definitely said something.

Coming out about being gay and telling his parents hadn't been all that hard for Tal. At the age of fourteen, he'd simply told them over breakfast. They'd looked at him, then at his sister, then at each other, and said they understood, still loved him anyway, but they needed to talk to him later. He hadn't really questioned their response to his declaration. While their planet, Edifice, like Volantic, Doral, Tumaro, and Zeelith, had a lot more tolerance for and was accepting of homosexual relationships than other planets, like Strawxig, Prinktakium, and Bolauntiq, his parents had kept a vital piece of information from Tal. A life-changing piece of information. In their defense, they thought he'd known his heritage, his bloodline at least, and at most his destiny, but it hadn't taken them long before they realized Tal had lost much of his memory. He knew his name and that his parents were dead.

So when he walked into the family room of his parents' home that morning for breakfast, their faces indicated they were about to tell him something big and he'd completely called it. The information his adopted parents shared rocked him to his core and forever changed his outlook on his future. He found out about his birth parents and what they looked like; though the details on them had been sparse, stopping right after Tal's birth. He learned his medical history, his species, and most of all about his species' secrets.

In short, Tal discovered his Vermithian heritage.

Vermithians had secret abilities, all were able to communicate with nature, the heavens, and animals, and all had the ability to heal and conceive… all of them, male and female alike. The Vermithians were one of three forms of humanoid species that were descended from ancient humans, born when a few surviving humans had offered themselves up to both the gods and to the inhabitants of other planets when Earth had been on the verge of complete destruction.

Journals had been found and passed down from the first Vermithian, and Joshua Roughshire, a Tumaron royal, made them public centuries before, detailing the fact that the humans had ignored the cries of their planet. The cries and voice of a planet were to be cherished and listened to intently, at least the rest of the galaxies saw it as important. The humans' apathetic attitude towards their planet caused them to be looked down upon and disparaged at every turn. The fact Earth had turned on the humans surprised no one in the least. Tal had heard countless stories about the 'common' human who had mated with both a Tumaron and a Volauntician becoming the first known Vermithian, a man able to give birth, able to talk to the heavens and plants, able to heal people, and how he survived the destruction of Earth, even though his Tumaron mate didn't.