The Alpha King(3)

By: Vicktor Alexander

"Well, no worries there, my son, Trenton and Tuvarion aren't going to stay with her. Only you. They have already left… to go visit some friends and that's where your mother and I are going right now, to pick them up," his father reassured him.

Talon didn't miss the looks passing between his mom and dad. If he didn't know better, he'd think his parents weren't being honest. But they never lied. If Talon had asked, his father would have confessed his younger brothers had been kidnapped for a ransom amount. Only Talon's fascination and obsession with his pet flower had rescued him from the unknown fate his brothers currently suffered. His father would have told Talon that he and his mother were heading out to go and save their children but that they didn't have a good feeling and because of that they were choosing to hide what might be their only surviving son with their dreaded neighbor. But Talon didn't question his father.

Instead he nodded, because as long as Tuvarion didn't have to go and deal with Mrs Lorankia and listen to her say mean things that made him cry, Talon guessed it would be okay if he went alone. His father kissed his forehead and then his mother came over and clutched him fiercely to her chest. She hugged him so tightly he flushed hot and the air left his lungs. She had never embraced him so hard and instead of filling him with love and a feeling of security, it scared him. Not because his parents weren't affectionate. Vermithians, in fact, were very affectionate people. They were known for being overly sexual and loving, oftentimes being arrested for breaking public indecency laws. Talon's parents, however, weren't this overly demonstrative. They were only going to go and pick up his brothers, right? Why were they acting as if they would never see him again?

Filled with a gripping fear that he just couldn't shake, Talon grabbed hold of his mother and sobbed. "Please, please. Take me with you. I'll help with the boys. I promise I'll be good," he pleaded.

"No, son, no. You must stay with Mrs Lorankia. We couldn't bear to lose—" Taltrentuvaro began and then his words cut off abruptly.

He sighed and started again, clutching his son by the shoulders, "You must stay here. We will return for you with your brothers, but you must. Stay. Here."

Talon hated being left behind. He didn't like having to go to Mrs Lorankia's all by himself, but he wouldn't want Tuvarion there. His baby brother was too fragile and sensitive to deal with Mrs Lorankia. Tuvarion felt and sensed the emotions of everyone around him and had the power to change those emotions. Trenton always laughed when Talon tried to tell him their baby brother had this power, but what did Trenton know? At six years of age, Talon was practically a man already, while Trenton at four and little Tuvarion at two were still just children. Neither of them old enough to know anything about life or people yet. Not like Talon. He had pointed out they could talk to the heavens, animals, and plants even at their young age. With that thought in mind, Talon squared his shoulders and nodded at his father once again. Before being rushed out of the room, he grabbed his pet flower and held it tightly against his chest. He would need his precious little friend, he didn't know why, he just knew he would.

His parents hurried him over to a reluctant Mrs Lorankia's care and then with a final hug and kiss, they left to go and pick up his brothers from wherever they were. They would return soon but he couldn't seem to shake the bad feeling that had taken up residence in his stomach.

He waited and waited for their reappearance. So did Mrs Lorankia. When the miserable old woman turned to him days later and accused his parents of deserting him on her doorstep, Talon lashed out verbally. He never saw Mrs Lorankia's hand reach out to slap him and when he fell he had no time to stop his head from connecting with the edge of the glass pot that held his pet flower and he had no control over the memories that left his mind. Of his brothers, of what occurred moments before leaving his parents' home, or even the faces of his parents. They seeped out like the blood from the wound on his head.

When the Interplanetary Children Defense Services came and took him away from Mrs Lorankia, he left the only home he'd ever known. He didn't see his parents again, and he learned he had brothers no one could find, brothers he couldn't remember and would forget existed. He'd been abandoned and from that moment, Talon decided he'd never give someone else the chance to leave him behind again.



Farbu 18, 2456

Talon Versuthion, affectionately called "Tal" by his adopted sister, Josepire "Josie" Laungford, had not set out to become a history maker. In fact, he had been questioned many times about his plans for the future, and surprised many people by adopting an almost glazed look in his golden eyes and letting stuttering words emanate from his mouth. Tal just wanted to live in the moment. He didn't have a life's goal. And living didn't have to be exciting or filled with parties and drinking, or sleeping around with as many men, women, or species as he could. For Tal, living equaled just that… living.