The Alpha King(2)

By: Vicktor Alexander

Torqran waited for the gasps and cries of shock, outrage, and dismay to die down before he continued. "Our best chance is to completely kill off this family of Vermithians and then find every documented and even undocumented Vermithian and kill them, too," he advised.

Heads nodded in complete agreement and he got ready to hand out assignments and lay out the details.

Without a sound—with no noticeable movement at all—the man from the back of the room appeared to stand in front of Torqran, covered head to toe in all black. Torqran tried not to gasp when he took in the man's large frame and hard, cold, emotionless eyes.

Standing his ground, Torqran tilted his head and tried to seem much more confident and laid back.

"What is the name of this family you want to dispose of?" the large, scary leader asked in a low voice, his tone menacing, though everyone could hear his question.

All occupants in the room froze, no one breathed, no one spoke as they all awaited Torqran's response.

With a cold, calculating smile Torqran replied with seven words, two sentences that would dramatically change the universe, the GPA and history, forever, "The Versuthions. We must kill the Versuthions."

A gasp came from the other leader, Algonoquin, the Alpha King of the planet Tumaro. Torqran chuckled darkly. He ignored the speculative looks from the other members of the room. Everyone knew the story of the connection between the Versuthion family and the Roughshires, the current ruling family of Tumaro. A prophecy had foretold of the Versuthions bringing about the pure human race after one of the descendants mated with the Roughshires, but Torqran's position as leader of the GPA and the unease and prejudice that most had for Vermithians protected him in his current campaign against them. Only Algonoquin's arrogant belief he could protect the Versuthions stopped him from killing Torqran where he stood, and he while grateful for it, he also flicked his gaze towards Lorthander, sighing in relief when he saw the other man brandish the vapier in his hand. Algonoquin's time would come, Torqran would see to it, but not before he made Algonoquin feel helpless while Torqran took out the entire Versuthion family.

* * * *

Talon Versuthion whispered to his pet flower. The stalk swayed and the petals bobbed in reply, and then Talon smiled up at his parents when they rushed into his room. He loved talking to the flowers and plants his parents had put up all around. His younger brothers had pet animals, most of which had to be kept outside, but Talon's flowers were with him. He loved the fact that when he woke up every morning they were right there, waiting to talk to him. It made him feel special and loved. Well, more so than he already felt. His parents were pretty awesome.

His father, Taltrentuvaro, knelt down and put his hands on either side of Talon's face and Talon smiled again. His father didn't return the gesture and Talon tilted his head to the side. Why didn't his father seem happy? Known for always being happy and laughing, his father looked almost… broken. He looked away as his mother rushed around the room, the distant sound of crying and sniffling, beeps and slamming noises indicating she opened his drawers and toy chests for some reason.

Looking back up, Talon found his father's eyes were filled with tears. Talon lifted his own hands and put them on his father's cheeks to wipe away the drops. He had never seen his father cry and it scared him like never known before.

"Papa? What's wrong?" he asked.

Taltrentuvaro shook his head and then turned to kiss the palms of Talon's hands. "Nothing, my son. Your mother and I are merely going out for a drive. We're going to send you over to Mrs Lorankia's house for a while."

Talon gasped and backed away. He hated Mrs Lorankia! They all did, especially his two younger brothers. Trenton said she smelled like the replicas of the ancient humans they saw in the museum, whereas Tuvarion thought her just as stupid as the ancient humans. Talon just thought her mean. She spent a lot of time telling the three Versuthion boys they were abominations and their parents were going to get what they deserved one day. Mrs Lorankia wasn't Vermithian like they were. Being Edifician, Mrs Lorankia should have been more at home in her own skin, especially in a galaxy that looked down on Vermithians. But she always acted like the sky would fall on top of her, even though she also looked down her nose on anyone who didn't have Edifician blood running through their veins. Most people of her race believed in equality, they were known for it, and his parents told him her point of view didn't make her better, just different.

Talon didn't too much like different right then.

"No, Papa! No! We hate Mrs Lorankia! Please don't make us go! What if she tries to eat Tuvarion again? She says he's way too pretty to be a boy," Talon pleaded, distantly aware of the looks of grief and horror passing between his parents. It confused him. Didn't his parents know how Mrs Lorankia felt?