The Alpha King(10)

By: Vicktor Alexander

* * * *

The horrific shuttle crash didn't change history. But people remarked upon, debated, and mentioned the damage to the small shuttle for decades after the fateful event. Not even the cargo the shuttle carried, over sixteen zillion malui worth of gems and natural stones altered the course of destiny. The two passengers who flew in the shuttle weren't found among the gems, stones, money, clothing, and the broken and shattered remains of the space vessel. Instead they were found several feet away from the broken vessel, among the foliage, inside the walls of the Tumaron palace and their identities were remarked upon for centuries after the One called them home. A stranger—a humanoid, not a Tumaron werewolf shape shifter—lay injured, brutally so, in a location far from his original course.

That one man changed the history of Planet Tumaro. He so completely altered an entire planet, her people, and their ruler. Though Tumaro had not been his original destination, fate had brought him almost 50,000 light years away from of his original destination of Strawxig. The crash would have killed a lesser being, and maybe he would have accepted the option over fate stepping in and taking over. His destiny awaited him on the planet of Tumaro and the big payoff he'd expected from his delivery to Strawxig… would have led straight to his death.

The man found didn't happen to be just any humanoid, either, but a Vermithian. One with a price on his head and a prophecy to fulfill.


Alpha King Blazell Roughshire waved goodbye to his cousins, Anglania and Freud Lang, and breathed a sigh of relief. He hated it when Anglania and Freud came to visit. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something about them always smelled… off. Anglania hoped he would eventually give up on his quest to find his mate and if she knew how close he'd come to giving in to her not quite so subtle hints and attempts at flattery—in her journey to becoming the Alpha Queen—she'd be relentless. Blaze counted himself lucky she didn't know.

Walking into his sitting room, he closed the door after sending away the guards who had stepped inside with him. He needed some time alone. He didn't want to wear the constricting mantle of Alpha King at that moment.

With a sigh, he pulled off his crown and robe and placed both items on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Walking over to the electronic bar, he pressed the button for a glass of Vamprincian Flow. Once it had been poured, he picked up the glass and took a deep gulp of the intoxicating liquid. Smacking his lips, he savored the aftertaste on his tongue and massaged the back of his neck. Walking back over to the large sofa facing the vid screen, he sat down heavily upon the cushions and put his feet up on the coffee table, the glass of Vamprincian Flow hanging from the grasp of his right hand. He lifted his right foot and pushed off the black boot on his left foot before repeating the action with his left foot and right boot. He grunted when the boots hit the ground.

He groaned and leaned his head back, closing his eyes as he inhaled deeply. Bone tired. He really needed a vacation. Having been in the role of Alpha King for over ten years, he'd grown tired of the bickering of his people, tired of the women who threw themselves at him—whether they were mated or not—and tired most of all of having to hide the fact that he preferred the company of the male Tumarons to the females. With another groan he sat up and leaned forward, reaching for the remote that lay on the edge of the table and pushed the gold button in the center to turn on the screen and play the vid he'd watched every day since his parents had both passed away.

His heart clenched in pain when his father's face appeared on the screen. His father had been a man larger than life. One of the strongest Tumarons in history, he'd ruled the planet and his kingdom with dignity, respect, strength, and justice. He'd instilled that same sense of duty and leadership in both of his sons. Blazell snorted when he thought of his brother, Buckington. He didn't know what his younger brother had going on, but he had been suspiciously absent for weeks on end, and he and Blaze's assistant, Percy, seemed to be more and more at odds with each other. Blazell had some suspicions about those two, about the true nature of their relationship, but he wouldn't butt in. Besides, Buck never stayed in one area long enough for Blazell to talk to him.

Shaking his head at his inability to do anything to help his brother and the behavior of said brother that was influenced by a certain unspoken of event. He wouldn't think about his inability to help his brother or stop the heartbreaking attack and brutal rape Buck had suffered a decade prior. The sight of his brother's injuries and the smell of his blood along with the various scents of different shifters comingling in Buck's system still haunted Blaze to this day. He'd done all he could to help Buck, to show he cared and deal with his sorrow, his part in his brother's harrowing experience, but to no avail. His guilt had become a heavy burden to carry especially when he added his own betrayal of his brother that had led to the rape.