Summer Girl, Winter Boy(6)

By: Barbara Elsborg

Over my fucking dead body. He didn’t eat if they made him sit with them. His little protests were small and pitiful but they made him feel less of a slave. Jai levered himself upright and winced as he straightened. Marta rolled her finger up his rigid cock and ran it around the head. He shuddered with discomfort and disgust, which she probably thought was longing.

“Didn’t they make you come?”

“You didn’t tell me I could.”

She gave him a genuine smile and he wished he dared strangle her. But he’d have to dispose of Saul as well, and Duke and all the others, and he’d be top of the suspect list. Yeah, well, murder was just a childish fantasy, but it gave him comfort when things became blacker than black, and quite an irony considering what had landed him in this bloody mess in the first place.

He took a quick outdoor shower close to the entrance of the house, tipping his face to the water, which ran down his body and splashed off his dick, teasing him further. He didn’t linger but made his way carefully over wet tiles to the stairs leading to the basement. The games were getting wilder, kinkier and more unsettling. When he’d broached the idea of a safe word, Marta had almost pissed herself laughing. Saul had the decency to look slightly uncomfortable.

“He’s got a point,” he’d said. “I need Jai looking good. He’s not going to be able to work if he’s been marked.”

They’d agreed on “black” but of course, it wouldn’t be any fucking use if the guys waiting for him hadn’t been told or if he was gagged.

A few more hours. It was how he kept himself going, persuading his body that this would end, and it would.

Until the next time.

He’d been a fucking idiot to give in the first time, though he didn’t see how he could have said no and lived with himself afterward. Course, now he couldn’t live with himself anyway. He didn’t give a shit about his twin Richard, but he did care about their older brother Evan, and their parents, and it was because of them that Jai would keep doing this as long as he could. Small consolation that it was sometimes months between command performances.

As he stepped into the cellar, a musty cloth bag was yanked over his head from behind and he automatically sucked in a breath, which pulled the material against his mouth. Oh fuck. Someone dragged his arms behind his back, snapped cuffs in place and he freaked out big-time. He could put up with almost anything but not having his face covered. A leather collar was slipped around his neck and tightened, someone yanked on it and he was dragged, stumbling, across the floor. Panic flared like a brushfire and he struggled to get free. Once he’d been pushed into a kneeling position, to his immense relief, the bag was wrenched off.

Jai gulped air, blinking in the dim light. Seven men including Duke and Saul. All naked. Oh hell. Duke held the leash to his collar and gave it a tug.

“This boy needs teaching a lesson,” Saul said. “He needs to remember who he belongs to, the reason he’s here.”

Saul had his hand around his cock, squeezing gently as he paced in front of Jai.

“Tell them you want them to fuck you,” Duke whispered.

“I want you to fuck me,” Jai repeated.

Duke yanked at the leash. “All of them. And you know the words to use.”

Oh fuck this.

Duke put his foot on Jai’s neck and pushed him down until his cheek was pressed against concrete and his arms were stretched back behind him.

“Do it,” Duke snapped.

I could stop this now. Say the word. Leave here. Never work again. Never be able to face my family again. Hurt people I care about. Destroy people I love.

“Please fuck me, sir. I need your cock in my mouth, sir. Thank you, sir.”

And Jai let them do what they liked.

Chapter Two

Summer stared in surprise at the stuffed dog Javier had thrust into her arms.

“Oh, that is so,” surprisingly “sweet, Javier.” She hugged the toy to her chest. “Thank you.”

“So you remember me. ¿Listo?”

The dark-haired twenty-two-year-old smiled at her—one of those bone-melting, panty-wetting smiles she’d seen him use on a succession of pretty girls. Summer wasn’t likely to forget him, though Javier didn’t look the plush-toy type. He wasn’t soft and cuddly but tall, thin and angular. He rode around the streets of Bogota on a noisy black motorbike, partied long and hard, flirted like a professional and drove his older brother, Piero, completely insane. The two brothers shared an apartment in the city and every time she saw them together, they were arguing.