Summer Girl, Winter Boy(5)

By: Barbara Elsborg

“You think you can fuck his woman, boy?” said a guy with more belly outside his shorts than in.

Of course I can, you stupid prick. I could fuck her so hard she’d scream my name and she’d fucking ask for more.

“Sorry,” Jai blurted. “She’s so pretty,” not “and her breasts are” saggy “beautiful. Shit, I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

He shuffled back on the bed, his hands desperate to cover his cock.

“You fucking faggot rapist,” said the other guy.

Uh-oh. The comment didn’t even make sense but Jai guessed what was coming.

Both men shucked out of their shorts and another woman appeared next to Darren.

“What you going to do, Jed?” she asked.

“Teach him a lesson. You want to watch, honey?”

As if she’d miss a fucking moment of this.

“Can I hit him too?” she asked.

“Course you can, sweetheart.”

Jai was roughly rolled over and he wrapped his hands around the metal bar that ran along the top of the bed. He didn’t want to be tied up. He coped better when he at least believed he could get away.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I made a mistake. Please don’t hurt me.” He didn’t even try to sound sincere now. They weren’t listening anyway, though Marta might be.

The first strike with the wooden paddle caught him across the bottom of his back and he bellowed with pain. “Arrgh…Christ.”

“His butt, honey, not his back.”


Jai pressed his face into the pillow and tightened his hold as she cracked the paddle down time after time. At least it was landing on his arse now but it still hurt.

When the paddling stopped because the whining bitch claimed her arm ached, the men moved in and rolled him over. His cock was hard as iron, stretching up over his flat belly, the band keeping him erect when fear would have sent his tackle running for the hills.

“See, honey? He liked that, the filthy homo,” belly guy said.

Jai turned off as best he could. He played the role he’d been set up for, a touch of resistance but not too much, pleas for mercy but not too many. The other guy slid on a condom and lubed up before he turned Jai onto all fours and pushed his cock into his arse hard enough to drive his prostate into his throat. Chrrrr…ist. Belly guy shoved his dick into his mouth. Darren and the women stood watching, slack-jawed.

He didn’t know the rules of this game, whether he was supposed to resist all the way through to the end, whether he was to turn into fag boy and beg them to fuck him harder. Marta usually gave him a clue but she’d said nothing. Probably to punish him for what he’d done last night. Passing out when Saul was fucking him had been both dangerous and embarrassing. Too many tablets. Too much to drink.


When the pair finished, they all walked off and left him lying there bruised and aching. The one fucking him had pulled out before he came and jerked off over his butt. The other had filled his mouth with his spunk. Jai had no choice about swallowing some of it. Most was on the pillow.

He reached out to snag a bottle of water, drank the lot and collapsed again facedown. One day someone would go too far. One day the sick fucks would either break him or kill him. But there was never going to be a day when he’d be told that was it, this was over, he was free. The crushing reality of the truth made his heart pound so hard he thought cardiac arrest was a possibility.

You can’t think yourself into a heart attack.

Maybe it’s worth a try. Maybe I can run myself to one. A hot day, no water. Out in the middle of nowhere. Might work. He put it on the list.

Jai knew the moment Marta arrived. It was as if a black cloud rolled in with her, sucking up the oxygen, making it hard to breathe.

“Been a good boy, Jai?”

He mustered a woof from somewhere. Fortunately Marta laughed.

“Shower and then go to the basement.”

He tensed and she chuckled.

“Need some wine brought up?” he asked.

“Play nice.”

“I hope you’ve booked a cab for me. Saul won’t be happy if I miss the plane.”

“Yes, it’s booked. You’ve plenty of time. We can all have a nice lunch together before you go.”