Summer Girl, Winter Boy(4)

By: Barbara Elsborg

He pushed himself up, registered the wide-eyed expression on the face of the bleached blonde in a black one-piece sitting on the next sun lounger, then pulled his trunks down and stepped out of them.

Darren reached from behind and fondled Jai’s cock, which stuck out from his body, suffocated by the ring. “Shit, you’re big.”

“Holy fuck, honey.” The blonde gaped at them. “You look so hot touching him like that.”

I’m a slab of meat.

And whose fault is that?

Not mine.


Not mine!

You’re letting it happen aren’t you?

I don’t have a choice. I don’t. I don’t.

Walk away. That’s all you have to do.

And the world would come crashing down.

Marta caressed his hipbone with her thumb and raised her gaze to Jai’s face. “Lie down again, angel, and let Darren come on your back.”

Jai did as he was told. Coming on his back meant not coming in his arse. At least for the time being. Marta continued with her massage of his shoulders and Darren moved behind him and slid a slick cock along the crease of Jai’s butt.

“More lotion,” Marta said and squirted the stuff onto his lower back.

Darren’s breathing grew heavier, the pressure and pace of his body rubbing against Jai increasing.

“Ahh, Christ, ahh, yeah,” Darren grunted.

Then the weight was gone and as Darren gasped, warm spurts of cum landed on Jai.

“Hmm, a work of art,” Marta said with a laugh. “Rub it into his skin, Abby. Let Jai taste it, Darren.”

The guy ran a finger over his lower back then stuck it in Jai’s mouth. Jai dutifully sucked. They were all cast members in Marta’s play. Not a good idea to ignore the director.

Jai wanted to shower but knew better than to move without instruction. He lay there with cum and lotion drying on his back and imagined a swarm of killer bees rushing toward him, attracted by the scent. Unless he had an allergic reaction, there’d have to be a whole lot of them to kill him. Worth adding to my list? Why not?

He drifted into a hazy daydream but jerked awake when a torrent of cold water drenched him. He pushed himself into a sitting position and saw Marta holding a jug and laughing.

“Show Abby the gazebo, darling.”

The stress on her name was a reminder to Jai to use it, to make fucking her personal.

“This way, Abby.” He took the blonde’s hand and tugged her toward a shaded enclosure set away from the pool. Underneath was a large mattress on a low iron frame with attachment points at the corners. On a side table sat a basket of condoms, lube and various other pieces of…equipment. The blonde seemed innocent enough. Maybe all he had to do was have some vanilla sex. Maybe she’d be kind. Maybe she was as lonely as he. Maybe she’d save him.

Yeah, right. Your whole fucking world is a fantasy.

He lay on his back and wrapped his hand around his cock. He was already erect, but with a bit of twisting and fast jerking, his shaft grew in front of the slack-jawed woman.

“Fuuuuck,” she exhaled—and pounced.

Jai jolted as she landed on him, her knee colliding with his hip, her mouth seeking his until he turned his head away and clamped his lips together.

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” the woman said.

A concession he’d won. No kissing on the lips. No one had ever done more than peck at him. Considering what else he did with his lips the protest seemed pitiful, but he clung to it. He wrapped his arms around the woman and flicked open her bikini top.

“You’re very beautiful,” he said automatically and tried to sound more sincere for the next part. “Look at those pretty nipples. So cute.”

He hoped none of the women ever compared notes on what he said, because he always came out with the same crap.

“I love your accent. Sexy as hell,” she whispered and pressed her breast against his mouth. “Suck me. Christ, you’re so hot. I can’t believe—”

“What the hell are you doing?” snapped a male voice.

Oh shit. Is that the game today?

The woman wriggled off him. “He just grabbed me, sweetheart. Thank goodness you’ve come to save me.”

Jai tensed. Just for once it would have been nice to have been told there’d be a touch of role-playing. Two men in Bermuda shorts stared at him from the entrance to the gazebo, Darren lurking behind.