Summer Girl, Winter Boy(3)

By: Barbara Elsborg

He’d forgotten who he was. He had a face to fit all occasions but it was never his own.

Knowing what awaited him when he climbed out, he launched into a fluid crawl in the cool water. Whenever they flew him to this prison…oh yeah…tropical paradise, he spent as much time as he could in the pool, swimming to the point of exhaustion. Either there or in the sea. Swimming out into the Atlantic and allowing tiredness to override survival instincts was also on his list and had been crossed out. In any case, if he was going to end his life, he wanted to do it himself and not get eaten by something. The final result might be the same but it wasn’t the way he wanted to go.

Jai allowed himself a brief smile. That sort of proved he didn’t really want to die, didn’t it? Instead of coming up with a hundred ways to kill himself—currently he had thirty-seven on his list, thirty crossed out—he ought to think of a hundred ways to kill the DeVrieses. He wasn’t sure whom he detested more, Marta or Saul. They were both Oscar-worthy, amoral, bloodsucking cunts.

Aware that Saul had flopped into the water and begun to swim next to him, Jai slowed. Making the wanker look bad would be a mistake. Making the wanker’s wife look bad, an even worse one. Jai hauled himself out of the pool, shook his head to clear his ears and looked for her. She walked toward him holding a blue towel and he smiled his thanks, knowing it would please her. I’m so pathetic.

“That’s better, gorgeous boy. Why don’t you lie in the sun and I’ll rub some lotion on you.”

It wasn’t a question.

“Duke, put a towel out,” she called.

One of Saul’s minions, built like a tank with a neck as thick as his head, and who treated Jai like something stuck to his shoe, tossed a fresh blue towel over a cushion. Jai closed his eyes and lay facedown. When he felt the sun on his back, the heat sinking into his skin and warming his body, he was able to whisk himself away to a different place and ignore the ache in his cock.

For less than a minute.

The accidental-on-purpose scratches by Marta’s nails as she dragged a towel over his back pulled him right back to hell.

He should have taken the tablets sooner. Drunk the vodka sooner. Found a way to kill himself sooner.

“Your skin’s like silk,” she murmured.

The sudden squirt of cold lotion onto his back made him jump and sent goose bumps racing down his spine.

Marta laughed. “Looks like someone’s come all over your back, sexy boy.”

“That’s a good idea,” said one of the guys.

“I’d love to see that, Darren.” Marta purred the words. She was like a cat you couldn’t trust. “Your spunk all over him. Anyone else want to join in?”

Someone grabbed hold of Jai’s hair and jerked up his head. He opened his eyes and saw a guy he assumed was Darren. He didn’t look much older than Jai and he had his other hand stuffed in his trunks, rubbing his cock as he stared into Jai’s eyes.

Jai willed the beta blockers to kick in and quell his anxiety, stop his heart pounding so fast, settle the buzzing in his head. The antidepressants should level his mood and the alcohol take the edge off everything. Theoretically. But these days it seemed as though it never worked.

Marta smoothed the cream over Jai’s shoulders, running her hands down the sides of his body before dragging her thumbs up his backbone. Darren let Jai’s head fall and Jai closed his eyes again. Despite his pessimism, the drugs and alcohol tumbling round his bloodstream combined with the heat of the sun and her fucking insistent fingers began to drive the tension from his body. Too many tablets? Just the right number? Though he could always feel his anxiety bubbling under the surface, waiting for some crack to appear so it could creep though and overwhelm him.

When other hands joined Marta’s, he didn’t react, but his calm façade wavered. If running their hands over his back had been all they were going to do, he might have been able to relax enough to actually enjoy it, but it wouldn’t stop there because it never did. Fingers slid under the waistband of his trunks onto his backside.

“Oh my god,” a woman muttered. “His ass is fantastic.”

“Take your swimwear off, Jai,” Marta said. “Let Abby and Darren have a proper look.”