So Revealing

By: Kylie Gilmore

Happy Endings Book Club Series, Book 3

The last thing Charlotte Vega needs is a cocky HOT stuntman like Ty Campbell in her life. But when he pulls the ultimate stunt—a sexy romantic gesture that ends with a charming invitation to a sunset dinner cruise—she finds him impossible to resist. Cue disaster.

Their rocky first date goes from bad to worse when his yacht (okay, it's actually borrowed) gets stranded in deep mud. Turns out there's nothing Ty can do but wait hours and hours for high tide with no power, no way to cook dinner, and a hangry sexy-as-hell woman.

But Ty is determined to salvage the date, so he starts a game to pass the time. Only what Ty learns makes him realize he may have just botched a date with the perfect woman. How will he ever win her now?

Chapter One

“How romantic are you?”

Charlotte Vega stifled a laugh at her friend’s question aimed at the Campbell brothers and their guy friends sitting further down the bar. Men were not romantic. Hailey was on the edge of her seat, eager for any juicy romantic nugget.

No juice. No romantic nugget either.

Charlotte could’ve saved Hailey a lot of time and frustration tonight if only Hailey had listened. Men liked food, sports, and sex. Romance didn’t enter the equation. Exhibit A: the men in question snarfed down brownies and beer, eyes glued to the March Madness college basketball game on the TV mounted over the bar. Charlotte had to admit the men were easy on the eyes—most of them of the tall, dark, and muscular variety. It wasn’t a stretch to imagine sex was never far from their minds (once they had their fill of food and sports).

“Scale of one to ten?” Hailey asked, her voice rising in desperation. As Clover Park’s one and only wedding planner, Hailey Adams was hell-bent on matchmaking the single women in the Happy Endings Book Club and felt it her mission to better understand single men to do so. She was under the delusion she’d already caused three members to find their special someone.

Charlotte was about to tell Hailey to give up already when God’s gift to women swaggered into the bar, wearing a black leather jacket, faded blue jeans, and hiking boots. His dark hair was cropped short; his dark brown eyes crinkled at the corners with a smile that flashed white against the dark shadow of stubble on his square jaw. Of course, he completely ignored her, just like before. He exuberantly greeted the guys—his brothers—with pound-on-the-back bro hugs. Then he stopped to greet some of her friends, kissing Hailey on the cheek, who sat on one side of Charlotte, and ruffling the hair of his sister, Mad, who sat on her other side.

Like Charlotte cared if he ignored her.

“Hi, Charlotte,” Ty said casually like he hadn’t dissed her big time the last time she saw him. “Long time no see.”

“Hello,” she said coolly.

Ty settled on the bar stool next to Hailey. Even though there was only one person between them, Charlotte refused to look in that direction. She’d had the unfortunate experience of meeting the arrogant Ty Campbell at his brother’s wedding last Christmas. It had been three months and it still bugged her the way Ty purposely asked all of her friends to dance at the wedding reception, even his own damn sister, and not her. Then he’d had the audacity to act like he hadn’t been playing a game to gain her attention and get her to ask him. Ha! Charlotte had had enough bad relationships to last a lifetime, from cheaters to liars to men with serious emotional baggage. And she sure as hell didn’t play games.

She took a sip of martini and turned to talk to Mad. She waited patiently for Mad to focus, given she was in her fiancé’s lap and he was nuzzling her neck.

Ty’s deep booming voice was impossible to ignore. “What’d I miss? I’ll answer all your questions, sweetheart.”

“Thank you,” Hailey replied sweetly. “I was asking the guys how romantic they considered themselves on a scale of one to ten.”

Charlotte risked a look over.

Ty chose that moment to peel off his leather jacket, revealing a black T-shirt and massive biceps covered in tribal tattoos. Her pulse kicked into high gear at the spectacular arm porn. “On a scale of one to ten,” he drawled, his gaze fixed on Hailey, “I’d say ten.”

“Ha!” Charlotte blurted. The man had dissed her big time. That was not romantic.

Ty’s eyes met hers, a small smirk of a smile playing over his lips. “I can turn up the heat when I want to.”

“Heat is not the same as romance,” Charlotte returned. Clueless man.

Ty ignored that. “What else you got, sweetheart?” he asked Hailey.

Hailey beamed, her pale blue eyes shining with adoration. “I must say you’re much more cooperative than your brothers and brothers from another mother.”