By: Shirley Penick

Jeremy laughed. “I must have been out of town and missed the show.”

She nodded. “Barbara is working on some other designs for us when she has time. Right now, she’s knee deep in a huge wedding, doing the bridal gown and matching dresses for something like ten attendants in all ages, shapes and sizes. After spending all summer keeping up with tourist demands for costumes to match the game. And since she’s pregnant with their first child she’s a little stressed, so no one is pushing her. We’ll get there eventually. So, what do you have in mind?”

Jeremy had not been around many pregnant women, so he had no clue what the deal was, but he would take her word for it. “One idea was for pancakes. What if you did a little solar system of pancakes? Like different sizes for the different planets and maybe various jams to make them unique. Nothing too time consuming, but not just a plain stack of pancakes, either.”

“That’s a fun idea.”

A slow sexy smile slid across his face, her breath caught, and her body tingled. Bad body.

Fortunately, he didn’t notice and resumed talking. “I can’t really think of anything entertaining to do with the rest of the food items other than maybe name them, like Kalar Spaghetti, or Noah Nuggets.”

Amber smiled. “We could do that. Then you could draw pictures of Kalar and Tsilly next to the food description.”

“Exactly. That would take up maybe half of the page. What kind of games do you want on the rest of it? Connect the dots? Word search? A maze? Some coloring areas? Hidden pictures? A Where’s Waldo? but with either Tsilly or Kalar?”

“Any of those would be fine.”

“Yes, but we need to narrow it down and actually pick something,” Jeremy said with a laugh that skittered through her body and made every nerve ending alert. He had a deep sexy laugh, more of a chuckle. She was so busy dwelling on that chuckle that she nearly didn’t hear his next question. “What kinds of games did you like as a child?”

She pretended to think about that while she got her throat to start working. “I loved to color, so let’s do a coloring area. And I liked to do word searches, but Chris hated them, he liked mazes. Can we do both? We also both liked Where’s Waldo?, so how about a Where’s Tsilly? picture.”

“Alright we can do half a page of menu, half a page of Where’s Tsilly?, half a page of coloring and quarter pages of a maze and a word search. How does that sound?” He quickly sketched what he suggested on his sketch pad—and not just some plain pencil drawing. Oh, no. He used a variety of colored pencils and a fancy pen in some places to make letters that looked like calligraphy.

She watched in awe as he worked. The man had talent and watching his strong hands work so quickly to design the menu was not only fascinating, but kind of hot too. She wondered what those clever hands would feel like on her. She shook her head and cleared her throat. When he stopped drawing, she thought she was looking at a nearly finished product. “That looks great. Thanks, Jeremy.”

“You’ll need to get some crayons—you can get little four packs with your logo on them from some of those SWAG places. They should be pretty cheap, I use some of them for my author SWAG.”

“What’s SWAG?

“Stuff we all get. People love to get crap with your logo on it.” He shrugged.

“I don’t really have a logo.”

“You could maybe use the Tsilly logo if the game company released it to you—or even the amusement park one. You’d need to get permission, but since Chris is your brother I don’t see that it would be a problem,” Jeremy said.

She nodded and saw some of her staff coming out of the kitchen area to start prepping for the evening rush. “Not for the amusement park. Since it was our grand-father’s land, he put my name on some of the incorporation papers. I’m sure he would be happy for me to advertise for him.”

“You might want to get a logo of your own, too. At least eventually. If you give me your phone number or email address I can send you links to some of those companies.”

Amber offered. “I’ll give you both—that way we can keep in touch as needed. I can email you the list of food choices for the kids. Maybe I’ll talk to Chris about it too. I would guess we might need to have a few more conversations or texts as you start working on this.”

“The sooner you decide on the menu items, the sooner I’ll have it done. The puzzles and games won’t take me too long. Since I just got back from the book signing trip, I’ll be free to work on it for a couple of days.”

“I’ll call Chris and see if I can get you the menu by tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Is that quick enough?” she asked.