Seducing Professor Coyle(9)

By: Darien Cox

Chapter Three

Thorn’s back garden was as impressive as his house, and Benjamin and Dominick stood in awe, heads swiveling to take in the sights. Beautiful people were everywhere, and with the accommodating spring weather, had taken the opportunity to show a lot of skin. They congregated in groups around the flowering trees that twinkled with tiny white lights, swaying to the slow, seductive music, laughing and drinking, some kissing and fondling. Steam rose from the two hot tubs and the large, heated swimming pool. While there was a lot of bare flesh, especially near the pool, many remained dressed: men in stylish designer suits and women in silky shift dresses. It was a strange contrast of elegance and debauchery, and Benjamin felt lost and out of place, drinking his champagne so fast he became light headed.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Dom said, beaming. “Is this incredible, or what?”

“It’s something all right,” Ben said, watching a pair of shirtless men ceremoniously coating a third, completely nude, with glittery body paint. The third man’s face and torso shimmered with rainbow colors. Palms meticulously stroked his bare buttocks and thighs as they continued their masterpiece.

Ben looked beyond the garden at the vast, stretching green of Thorn’s property, then back up at the palatial home. He’d never known anyone this rich, and was having trouble accepting that one man lived with such excess. He hoped to have a mere portion of such comforts one day, but all he’d ever known was struggle, so it was hard to imagine.

He watched a group of attractive, shirtless men head out into the field, where at the perimeter of the property, a line of cabana cabins edged the woods, each lit romantically with red glowing lanterns. Men went in, and men came out, and though the quaint cabanas looked festive and romantic, Ben couldn’t help thinking of brothels. Sting sang inside his head of Roxanne and putting on the red light.

“Let’s check out the pool,” Dom said, moving ahead of him down the garden path, illuminated with Chinese lanterns.

Ben followed warily. This should be cheering him up, but he couldn’t seem to get into the spirit. They passed several men along the path who eyed him and Dominick with open interest. Dom offered appreciative grins in return, but Ben kept his head down, avoiding eyes, pretending not to feel the light brush of fingers along his bicep, nor hear the soft whistles of appreciation. He wished he hadn’t worn this tight shirt, wished he was wearing a snow parka and goggles so he could just fade into the background.

Dominick found them a pair of lounge chairs, and they joined the dozens of other guests who watched the activity in the swimming pool as though it was a sporting event. And he supposed it was. Young men swam and splashed each other playfully, while couples and a few threesomes huddled in the water at the edges, mouths pressed together, slick bodies grinding.

“You want to go in the hot tub?” Dominick asked.

Ben sneered at the tub closest to them, glutted with nude bodies, tangled limbs and kissing mouths. “No thanks. It’s probably semen soup in there.”

Dom laughed. “No, there are rules. No ejaculation in the pool or hot tubs. Foreplay only. Got to move on to the cabanas or bedrooms for anything more.”

“Oh, I see,” Ben said. “How civilized. Pardon me if I’m skeptical that everyone abides by that rule.”

“Drinks!” a voice called out to their left. “Everybody have drinks?”

Ben looked up at the stout, thirty-something man making his way down the line of loungers, a tray of umbrella drinks balanced on his palm. He wore tan shorts with a pink silk shirt, his short, spiky hair dyed blue-black.

Dominick elbowed Ben. “That’s Thorn,” he whispered. “Act like you belong here.”

Ben frowned at him. “How am I supposed to do that?”

“Just be relaxed,” Dom said. “Don’t blow our cover.”

“I’m sitting on a lounge chair with my feet up. I think I got it, James Bond.”

Thorn flirted and passed out drinks to the men sitting to their left, then moved to stand before Dominick and Ben. He smiled down at them. “Good evening, gentlemen. Having a good time?”

“Great time, Thorn, thank you,” Dominick said.

Thorn had a cute face despite his rather doughy body, a nice smile that seemed genuine. His brown eyes narrowed as he studied Ben. “Let’s see, I think I have just the drink for you.” He handed Ben a blue cocktail with a spear of pineapple chunks and cherries. “Slightly sweet, subdued, with just a hint of fruitiness.”

Ben chuckled as he accepted the drink. “That’s me, all right. Thank you, Thorn.”