Seducing Professor Coyle(6)

By: Darien Cox

Dom pouted. It should have looked ridiculous on a brawny, masculine guy like him, but it was somehow incredibly cute, and Ben felt his resolve weakening. “Don’t give me that face.”

“Please? I can’t go wandering in alone like a big loser. Benny, you need to get out of the house. I mean look at this place.” He gestured to the piles of paper trash strewn about from Ben’s frantic search. “You just Beautiful Minded the shit out of everything here, you need to go out and let off some steam.”

“I have nothing to wear.”

“Your dark jeans and that green ribbed tee shirt that matches your eyes. I already thought about it.” Dominick grinned.

Ben shook his head. “For a big guy, you can be such a girl.”

Dom stood, grabbing Ben’s arm and pulling him to his feet. “I’m not a girl. Now go get in the shower while I pick out your shoes.”

“I’ll go but I’m not gonna talk to anyone. I reserve the right to be a wallflower.”

Shoving him toward the bathroom, Dom snickered. “That’s what you say now. But you’ll see. You’re gonna have the time of your life tonight. Trust me.”

Ben gave him a look over his shoulder that told Dom exactly how much he trusted him, but grudgingly dragged himself into the shower. He appreciated what his friend was trying to do, but these days Ben rarely indulged in sex. The few intimate liaisons he’d had in the past four years had been disappointing, so he wasn’t exactly raring to give it another go. He’d encountered bad breath, poor grooming, peanut-sized cocks, and even a surprise wooden leg. Then there was the guy who sobbed after they fucked because it was ‘just so beautiful’. It wasn’t. It wasn’t remotely satisfying with most of them. He’d gone to the meat markets because he wanted something quick and dirty, expecting such a sordid tryst would provide intensity at the very least. He craved someone who would take his control from him for a change, be dominant, or at least show some damn passion.

But most of the men he’d met just lay there like potatoes while he did all the work. He’d experienced the ‘quick’ he was looking for a few times, but unfortunately quick was usually attached to selfish: closeted rednecks who hated being gay and were shooting their load and out the door in minutes, without a thought to Ben’s pleasure, not even bothering to wait until he came.

He showered and dressed, then went through his mail as he waited for Dominick to finish getting ready. He tore open the bills from school, scowling at them. Just a little longer, he told himself. He’d graduate and get a job before his money could run out. He had to. Opening a third envelope from the school, he laughed. An invitation to a party at Dean Yarboro’s house. Tammy Albert, his department head, had invited him as an honor for his nearly perfect grade point average. Yeah, sounds like about as much fun as a root canal. He tossed the invitation in the trash, then filed the bills. His gut twisted with anxiety over his financial situation, peppered with worry about that damn lit class.

Perhaps Thorn’s party was just what he needed: something sleazy but a bit more upscale than he was accustomed to. He didn’t really feel like hooking up with anyone, but if he was surrounded by eye candy all night, it might take his mind off of the coming Monday, and whether or not Dr. Coyle would decide to accept his late, ungraded test. Or if he’d calmly and casually destroy Ben’s life plans with one stroke of the keyboard.

Chapter Two

Freshly showered, Dr. Peter Coyle stood before his closet, nude except for the towel around his waist. Most of his clothes were still in boxes stacked against the wall. Though he hadn’t even come close to unpacking all his things, he was happy and content. There was something uniquely satisfying about that first hot shower after moving into a new place. My place. My own.

Flicking through the hangers, he chose a pair of expensive black dress pants, with a simple, but tight fitting silk shirt. He brought the clothes to his bed and set them down, then removed the towel, glancing irritably at the erection jutting out below his hips. Out of control. This was what he got for denying himself pleasure in his quest to keep his personal life invisible to prying eyes. There was masturbation of course, but it didn’t scratch that deeper itch, and still left him restless and hungry for the real thing. It got to the point where every little thing set his lust afire. Like that damn kid in your office today. That sexy, angry, completely terrifying kid.

Attempting to think unsexy thoughts, he carefully dressed, then moved into the bathroom to put in his contact lenses. Usually he wore his glasses for social outings, especially if he was looking for companionship. The hot professor look had always served him well. But tonight he was going to one of Thorn Beverly’s parties, and he planned to get messy. Very messy. With that thought, he pocketed a handful of condoms and headed downstairs.