Seducing Professor Coyle(56)

By: Darien Cox

“Fuck it,” Ben said, lifting his head. “That’s wet enough.” He undid his fly and stood, dropping his pants, then climbed on top of Peter, straddling him. Gripping Peter’s stiffened cock, he eased himself down on it.

Peter gasped at the tightness. Ben lifted himself again, then lowered down. He fell forward and pressed his hands on Peter’s chest, riding him slowly. “Yes,” he said, his breath coming in gasps. “I will marry you, Dr. Peter Coyle.”

Peter held his hips, thrusting up into him, matching his rhythm. “Good,” he said. “Now be a good fiancé and make me come.”

Ben clenched around him, closing his eyes and smiling. “I like that word. Fiancé.” He slammed down on Peter, making him cry out. “Come for me. Now, Professor.”

Peter gripped Ben’s hips and flipped him over, pinning him down. “You still don’t get to tell me what to do,” he huffed, pumping into him, his stomach shuddering with impending orgasm.

“I think I do,” Ben said, his face twisting with arousal.

“So smug.” Peter thrust into him harder, biting his earlobe.

“I am,” Ben said, then whimpered when Peter grabbed his ass and yanked him tighter against him. “You better...put me in my place...ah, fuck!” Ben gasped and his body jerked, juices coating Peter’s stomach as he shot his load between their gliding bodies. “Peter, I love you.”

“I love you,” Peter said as his own climax took him. He pumped into Ben twice more, emptying himself, then collapsed on top of him. “Christ,” he whispered, stroking a lock of Ben’s sweat soaked hair back from his forehead. “Just when I thought the sex couldn’t get any better.”

Ben smiled up at him, tracing his lip with a finger. “Don’t change the subject.”

Peter chuckled. “What subject?”

“You just told me you loved me. For the first time.”

Peter smiled, heat flushing his face. “I didn’t think it would be appropriate to wait for our wedding night. Especially since I’ve loved you for some time now.”

Ben rolled him off, then lay on his side, twirling a lock of Peter’s hair around his finger. “Why did you never say it? I wanted you to say it so bad.”

Peter stared into those green eyes that owned him now. “Because it scared the hell out of me. You scared the hell out of me. I was sure that if I gave in fully I was doomed, that you’d leave eventually and I’d be shattered.”

Ben frowned. “And now?”

Peter stretched his legs and stood, moving to the table to snatch the ring. He came back and knelt down in front of Ben.

Ben sat up, beaming as he held his hand out.

“This,” he said, sliding the ring onto Ben’s finger, “means that you have to pledge to stay with my broken down ass forever.”

Ben kissed Peter softly. “I promise,” he whispered. Taking Peter’s hand, Ben placed it on his chest, over his heart. “My heart is yours,” he said. “My body is yours. And I will stay with your broken down ass. Forever.”

“Good,” Peter said. “No go upstairs and get in our bed. I’m not done hearing you say yes yet.”

Ben smiled. “Yes, sir.”