Seducing Professor Coyle(10)

By: Darien Cox

“My pleasure. And you,” he said, appraising Dom. “Hmm. I’d say something a bit stronger, not too sweet but with a long finish.” He winked, and Dom smiled as he took the drink from Thorn’s hand.

“You must have read my mind,” Dom said, taking a sip from the straw.

“Love your hair,” Thorn said, reaching down and brushing a strand of Dominick’s ginger mane. “Suits you.” He offered them a cordial bow, then moved on to the next group down the line.

“He seems nice,” Ben said.

“And he didn’t kick us out,” Dom said. “We’re in, baby. Now let’s see, which one of these tasty looking guests should we try to get to know?”

But Ben barely heard him. His eyes were glued to a couple of men in the pool corner nearest to them. A head of wet black hair, slick, sculpted back muscles and broad shoulders, the man pushed a pretty young blond against the wall of the pool forcefully. The blond kid’s eyelids fluttered and he moaned as the dark-haired man kissed him with urgent passion, pinning him with his powerful body, gripping his shoulders tight.

“Ben?” Dominick looked at Ben, then followed his gaze to the swimming pool. “Oh. Whoa.”

Ben nodded. “Yeah.”

Dom nudged him playfully with his shoulder. “That getting you in the mood, bro?”

Ignoring his roommate, Ben stared, his breath catching as he watched the dark-haired man lift the blond out of the water and set his ass down on the pool’s edge. The blond’s body was lean and fit, glistening with water. His head fell back as the other man’s face moved down his chest, over his stomach, toward his naked groin, blocking sight of the erection.

“You should go join that party,” Dom said, glancing at Ben. “Haven’t seen a look like that on your face since...well, since never.”

Ben finally tore his gaze from the erotic display and glanced at Dominick. “Don’t push me. I’m just enjoying watching for the time being.”

“Well, too late, anyway,” Dom said, looking back toward the pool.

Ben followed his gaze. The dark-haired man had stepped out of the pool, a naked wonder with long, firm legs, rounded buttocks, and chiseled torso. His erection was huge, jutting up toward his navel, smooth and glistening. He pulled the blond forcefully to his feet, grabbing the back of his head and kissing him roughly. Ben’s cock twitched. Why can’t I find someone like that? The man was so dominant, so confident, and his blond conquest was visibly in thrall, like putty in his arms. Tugging the blond’s arm, the dominant one led them away from the pool. As they turned, Ben got a full view of the darker man’s face, with his wet hair slicked back from his forehead.

“Holy shit.”

“What?” Dom frowned at Ben, then turned and watched the nude pair as they departed toward the cabanas that edged the property, wet buttocks gleaming under the Chinese lanterns. “Wow, it has been a while for you, hasn’t it? You really need to get laid.”

“It’s him.” The words came out a whisper, his mouth going dry.

Dom scowled. “Who?”

“Him,” Ben said, watching the pair disappear into the first dimly lit hut. “The one with the dark hair.” He leaned in to Dom’s ear. “That’s my teacher. That’s Dr. Coyle!”

Dom jerked back, eyes widening. “No way.” He glanced toward the cabana, then back at Ben. “Seriously? You’re fucking kidding me. He’s hot. You sure it was him?”

Ben nodded. “It was him. Mauling that blond guy. My freaking lit professor!”

Dominick leaned closer, looking him in the eye. “As in ‘He’s a pompous fucker and I hate him’ lit professor?”

“The same. I mean, what the fuck? What the hell is he doing here?”

Dominick’s blue eyes twinkled, cheeks dimpling as he grinned. “I think that’s obvious, don’t you?”

“But...but...” Ben frowned and Dominick laughed.

“But what? He’s a human being, he’s allowed to have sex, professor or not.”

“Did you see that guy he’s with? He’s age!”

Dom shrugged. “Maybe younger. Looks like your professor’s got some game. You see the way he was kissing him?”

Ben’s cheeks heated. “I saw, all right.”

Dominick took a sip of his drink, falling back on the lounger. “And you liked it.”

“What?” Ben made a sour face. “Gross, I did not! It’s Dr. Coyle, for Christ sakes.”

Throwing his head back, Dominick bellowed with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Ben snapped.