Sasha's Lion(9)

By: Hazel Gower


Savron had had the week from hell. He was happy the colder weather was bringing out the vampires early so he could hunt longer, because he was having a hell of a time not throwing Sasha over his shoulder and taking her back to his house and claiming her. The more time he spent with her the more he liked her. She was easy to get on with and happy to stay at home with his family and talk or play games.

Last night had been game night. They did it every Thursday before they went out to rid the world of the nightmare creatures and run their clubs. Sasha had fit right in with his family laughing, teasing, and fighting. They’d been paired together for Pictionary. They’d almost won, but his mom and dad took them out, keeping their undefeated status.

Being that close to her and not being able to do what he wanted had driven him crazy. This morning his mom had come into work saying she was late because she had given the girls a ride to school, as Sasha’s mother needed the car. He’d offered to pick them up, but she told him not to bother as Mac drove them home when Sasha didn’t have the car.

Savron’s lion had been edgy all day and refused to come out when he’d needed help with a troll interrogation. So now he waited leaning on his car for Sasha by the school car-park. Brandon stood waiting next to him.

“I can’t believe you’re picking up your human girlfriend and our sister up from school. Have you seen her in her uniform?”

“Yes.” Savron had. It had been the first time he’d met her. He didn’t really remember what she was wearing as he was stressing about the way his lion acted around her.

Brandon had a huge smirk on his face. “Have you seen her in uniform knowing she’s your mate?”

He growled, not wanting to talk about this stupid stuff with Brandon.

Brandon laughed. “Oh this is going to be classic.” Then he went quiet, and Savron could feel Brandon’s eyes on him. “Holy shit! Sasha doesn’t know you’re here to pick her up.”

Savron ignored his brother hoping he’d drop the subject.

“Who’s supposed to pick them up?”

Savron looked anywhere but his brother. He didn’t want to admit to his jealousy, and he would have to if he told them who was going to drop them home if he hadn’t been here.

Brandon went through names of friends, and then he added, “If you won’t tell me I’ll just ask the girls.”

“Fucking hell, you’re not going to leave this alone, are you?”

Brandon shook his head.

“Fine, Mac.”

“Mac Fierce, the werewolf alpha’s son?” Brandon chuckled. “How did you find out?”

Savron crossed his arms over his chest not willing to confirm anything. “Mom told me when she came in to help with some paperwork,” he mumbled, caving and telling Brandon what he wanted.

The bell blared, saving him from answering more questions. People poured out of the school.

He saw Sasha and almost came in his pants. Crap. Her hair was down, and she wore only shiny pink lip-gloss, and she had a bright laughing smile on her face. The uniform was a white shirt with buttons undone to show just enough cleavage. The jacket that matched the tiny skirt emphasized her breasts. To top the outfit off she wore black leather knee-high boots. Sasha was a walking fantasy come to life.

Savron stood up straight and walked towards her. He watched Sasha giggle at something Mac and his buddies said. Mac’s arm came around her shoulder, and Savron snarled. People stared at him, and Mac, Britney, Sasha and others in the group they walked with stopped.

Mac smiled at him, and the fuckwit didn’t move his arm from around Sasha. “Hey, Pride. You here to pick your sister up? You didn’t have to. I’m happy to drive her home.”

He saw Sasha try to move away from Mac, but his arm didn’t move. Savron watched her eyes dart from him to Mac.

“No. I came to pick my mate up. Sasha.”

Mac’s arm dropped from her shoulder, and he pulled Sasha to him and took a deep breath in of her scent. “She doesn’t smell like you.” Sasha struggled to move away from Mac as he checked both her shoulders for the mate mark. “And there’s no mate mark.”

A shifter circle surrounded them now to keep the humans’ eyes and ears out.

Savron groaned, because thanks to Mac and his own jealousy he would have to explain to Sasha everything.

Sasha looked at Mac now like he’d lost his marbles. She pushed again at Mac. “I don’t know what the hell you’re going on about, Mac, but when I want to be let go of next time, do it.”

She punched his chest and strolled away to Brandon who stood behind him. Britney followed with a wicked smile on her face. Savron turned to see Brandon with a huge cheeky grin on his face as Sasha placed her hand in his and dragged him to the car.