Sasha's Lion(8)

By: Hazel Gower

“Your sister never mentioned that.”

He pushed his empty plate away. “It’s a private business. The clients don’t want it getting out.”

Savron stood and held out his hand. It was time to take her home so she could get ready for her big birthday bash.

He dropped her home and rang his parents telling them he wouldn’t come tonight. He’d learned today that he could only spend a short time alone with Sasha or he’d claim her. Going to her party tonight would be too much. All that it would take for him to throw her over his shoulder and take her home and make her his was for a man to touch her, or dance with her and lust after her.

He told his parents he needed to think and that he’d see them through the week.


Britney picked her up in a limo with a couple of friends, and they loved it as they drove into the city of Vegas. Sasha looked around her at all the bright lights and action. She’d been in the city a hundred times before, but tonight it looked to Sasha like a whole new world. Brighter and more colorful, it almost felt alive.

They passed huge hotels and fancy waterfalls until they stopped in front of a place that looked like a massive two-storey warehouse. Lights flashed out the front saying, “Shifts Night Club”, and a long line of people waited out the front to get in. The limo driver opened their door and helped them each out.

Britney hooked her arm through hers and walked right by the waiting people and into the club. Sasha stared speechless at the inside of the club. It had light blue walls and flashing neon lights. Purple balloons covered the ceiling, and at the end of a huge dance floor a band was setting up. On the walls and hanging from the roof were posters of her and “Happy Birthday, Sasha!” signs.

“Oh, my God. Britney, this is awesome.”

Britney beamed at her and dragged her around, showing her everything.

Sasha met her mum, Melody, and Steven in the VIP area with Britney’s parents. She hugged them all, thanking them for the party.

“It’s going to be quite the hit. I should be thanking you,” said Britney’s father. “I have people who weren’t invited paying big money to be the one of the hundred or so extra we let in. The bands you have playing have been a big draw.”

Sasha just bet they would be. She had no idea how Britney had got the bands to play. She eyed her friend, who winked at her.

“Dad, I think it’s time to get the party started. Tell them at the door to let the invited guests in first.”

Britney’s father nodded and talked into a mobile, and Britney dragged her away and down the stairs to meet her guests.

A couple of hours later she’d meet all the people Britney had invited. Sasha was now talking with some of her drama friends, Jess, Zeck, and Travis, when the main band started. Everyone screamed and rushed to the stage.

Britney seemed to come out of nowhere and pull her to the stage. They fought to get to the front until suddenly Savron was at her side pushing people out of the way.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” Sasha heard Britney mumble.

Savron shrugged his broad shoulders. “I couldn’t stay away.”

They made it to the front, and Savron stood at her back, a solid unmoving force against the crazy crowd behind him. After a couple of songs his arms came around her, and she eased back into his hold enjoying the safety and comfort of his touch. When the band finished she turned around and stood on her tip-toes to kiss him in thanks, but as soon as her mouth touched his, her body came to life, and she ran her fingers through his hair gripping him to her as he devoured her. His hands came to rest on her arse, and he ground his erection against her. Groaning, she pulled away as the second band started up and cheers went up around them.

The rest of the night he became her protector, and she’d didn’t have to wait for drinks as he got them for her. At 11:00 they brought out a massive blue and white three tier cake with an eighteen candle on the top.

Savron disappeared as her friends sang happy birthday, and she blew out the candle. Sasha’s friends all hugged her, and she danced the rest of the night away. Before she left for home she asked Britney where Savron had gone.

“He went to work.” Britney smiled, and they left in the limo.


The rest of her week was busy as she caught up on dance practice she missed. Tuesday and Wednesday Savron had driven her to dance class. He hadn’t said much, and he only gave her pecks on the cheek or brushed his lips over hers, nothing like the kiss on Saturday or her party night. Sasha felt like she was getting mixed signals.

Britney invited her over Thursday night, which was games night in her family. Savron came in late with takeout and was her partner in crime on the games. By the end of the night, Sasha thought she’d needed a rest from the Pride family. Something didn’t feel right, and Savron ran hot one minute and seemed cold the next. She needed to sort things out.