Sasha's Lion(6)

By: Hazel Gower


Savron’s lion had calmed from being near Sasha in the restaurant. He didn’t feel the urgent need to claim her. He’d listened to stories about when she was younger and the antics she got up to. Savron had watched as Sasha laughed and groaned at the stories being told, but not once did she reprimand her mother or moan about it not being her. She admitted to things, and the way she looked at her mother told Savron straight away she wasn’t selfish or catty, and family came first.

Sasha was now dancing, and Savron watched in agony, his cock rock-hard. He wasn’t usually a possessive man, but every time Jason, her dance partner, smiled at her and spoke, making her laugh, he wanted to rip out his throat.

His lucky brothers had gone to deal with a vampire attack reported in their sector. Savron would love to have gone, but his lion wouldn’t let him leave Sasha. So he endured watching her practice in the skimpy little outfit. His parents sat enrapt in the scene before them. Britney was to the side of the huge hall where a class was being taught, and she’d joined in.

He told himself he wasn’t being rational. He didn’t know Sasha. She was human. He should let her go. The problem, though, was the more he learnt about her the more he liked. She loved her family, she was loyal to her friends, she respected her elders, and she was happy and easy-going.

Jason spun her and pulled her to him. Savron could smell the lust wafting off him even from his seat at the side of the room. Jason trailed his fingers down her arm before he held her stomach, and ... Okay Savron had had enough. He got up and stomped towards the practicing couple, only to be stopped as his father’s hand grabbed him.

“Breathe in, son. It’s his lust, not hers. Jason desires Sasha, but it’s not mutual.”

Savron took a deep breath in and focused on the desert rose. He could smell joy, excitement, and happiness, but no lust or any desire from Sasha. He went back to his seat and glared at the couple, wishing this would end.

His mother patted his knee. “Britney is going to ask if Sasha can stay the night. You can stay in the room next to where we put Sasha. We’ll give you some time with her tomorrow.”

“Thanks for the help.” He knew that he had to take his time. Get to know Sasha, woo her, and show her he was the man she wanted. Savron had a feeling he was going to be in a permanent state of agony for a while.


“Who’s the massive blond giving me death stares?” Jason nudged her as they finished their last dance for the night.

Sasha frowned and looked around. Her gaze landed on Savron, who was glaring daggers at Jason.

“Is he your boyfriend?

She laughed as she glanced at Savron’s brooding face. “No. He’s not my type. He’s my friend’s brother.” Sasha pointed to Britney in the class.

Jason draped his arm around her shoulder. “Wow, she’s hot.”

Sasha turned and smirked up at him. “Yes, she is, and Savron over there is one of her four big brothers.”

Jason made a choking noise. “Oh God, there’s more of those blond hulking men?”

Sasha giggled and walked with Jason to the class to help teach and pair up with spare people. The instructor Linda introduced them and suggested a couple of people who needed guidance.

As Sasha danced she told herself she’d never go the number of days she’d gone without dancing again. She’d missed it. She relaxed and enjoyed herself smiling as her little sister made goo-goo eyes at Jason.

She had her family, her new best friend with her, and she was dancing. There was nothing more she wanted. It was turning out to be an awesome birthday, weird, but one of the best.


Sasha lay still in bed, reluctant to get up. She hoped that whatever Britney was up to she’d given up. She stretched and opened her eyes. The bathroom called, but she didn’t want to get out of bed. Her stomach growled, making demands, and she slowly got out of bed.

She looked around the room Britney’s parents had given her for her clothes. Sasha groaned when she couldn’t see them anywhere. Going to the en-suite bathroom she relieved herself and tidied up her hair. She pulled down the shirt she’d been given to wear as a nighty and walked out of the bathroom and into the hall. She listened for any noise to tell if anyone was up but couldn’t hear anything.

Britney’s room was three doors down. Tip-toeing, Sasha headed to her room hoping to find her clothes there.

“They’re all gone.”

Sasha screamed and turned to Savron, who stood leaning against the frame of the open door in just black boxers.

Wow. He was huge, all muscle. He had a light sprinkle of blond hair on his chest, but that was all. She blinked and told herself not to look down.