Sasha's Lion(5)

By: Hazel Gower

Britney rolled her eyes. “When you put it like that, you make it sound all bad. There is good stuff. And yeah, I think she could handle it. Sasha isn’t like my other human friends. If you give her a chance and let the mate thing evolve, you’ll see she is quite perfect for you.”

His dad patted him on the back. “It’s up to you. We won’t say anything until you know what you want and are ready.”

Savron nodded and turned for the door, Britney ran ahead of him to get to Sasha. He needed to get to know his mate, the one woman in the world that both he and his lion could love and bond with. The only woman he could have children with. The woman to share his burdens and tell anything to.


Sasha sat in her car and knew she must look a fool as she stared numbly at the house waiting for Britney. What the hell had just happened? She would swear she’d just entered the Twilight Zone. She tore her gaze from the house and looked down at the black tacky sweats she wore over her costume.

She’d argued that she didn’t need to wear them and she wasn’t cold, but after Britney’s mother insisted she put them on as she had four horny boys, she’d caved. Her school uniform was only a tiny bit longer, and she’d been around a lot in the past week and nothing had been said about that.

They were acting weird. Well more than usual. Britney could take over and be bossy, but Sasha knew how to handle her most of the time. Tonight, though she was uncontrollable, and what did Britney mean by her brother wanted to meet her mother? None of Britney’s brothers had shown any interest in her, and Sasha was fine with that.

Her passenger door opened, and Britney got in and sat. “Let’s go. You’re late.”

Sasha turned to glare at her friend. “What is going on, Britney?”

Britney gave her a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth sweet look. “Nothing. Everything is fine. Let’s go before you’re even later. Savron is waiting to follow us to the restaurant.”

“That’s another thing. Why did you tell my mother your brother Savron is interested in me? He’s not. This is the second time I’ve seen him. This is the first time he’s spoken to me, and it was to ask me what I’m wearing, and he didn’t sound happy.”

Sasha started the car and backed out. Britney shrugged and turned on the radio. “Men.”

They sat quiet for a while. Sasha waited for more from Britney. “That’s it. You’re not going to tell me why all you said is ‘men’?”

Britney bobbed her head. “Don’t stress. It’s your birthday.”

Sasha groaned, giving up on getting anything out of Britney.

Chapter Three

Everyone sat around the table talking. Sasha glanced at her mother to see she still had the dazed looked on her face as she looked around at the stunningly beautiful family. Even dressed in casual clothes, the Pride family looked gorgeous, all tall and with blond hair, tanned skin, perfect white teeth, and green eyes that looked yellow most of the time. Her mother had seen Britney before, but seeing them all together was different.

“Glenda, your daughter is a lovely girl. You should be so proud of the woman she’s become.”

Her mother nodded to Catherine, Britney’s mum. “Yes. I’m very lucky.”

Sasha moved her leg for the hundredth time as Savron brushed his against hers. If it wasn’t his leg, it was his arm or fingertips. It wasn’t that Sasha wasn’t attracted to him—she was—it was just that he wasn’t her usual type. Sasha went for dark haired men, usually with a tat or two. She wasn’t a fan of blonds, but she felt a pull towards Savron, and the more time she spent with him, the stronger her attraction got. She wished she knew what was going on.

The way Savron kept rubbing up against her was almost cat-like, and she swore when she subconsciously stroked his hand he purred.

Steven, who was always on time for everything, glanced at his watch again, cleared his throat, and butted into the conversation that her mother and Catherine were having. “Glenda, I’m sorry to interrupt, but we need to leave now so we get to dance practice on time.” He smiled over at her. “Sasha did promise her partner she would be there today.”

Sasha looked around as a sharp growl sounded beside her. She looked at Savron to see his teeth showing and his jaw moving in a grinding motion.

Britney smiled. “Oh Mrs. Brentno, we’d love to see Sasha and you all dance.” She turned to Sasha’s little sister, Melody, who’d sat quiet the whole meal watching and taking everything in. “Do you dance also?”

“Yes, but not like Sasha,” Melody said.