Sasha's Lion(3)

By: Hazel Gower

Sasha had meet Britney’s parents last week when they got back from their holiday. They were a gorgeous couple, and Sasha could see where their children now got their cover-model looks. She’d thanked them for letting her use one of their clubs and told them what a lovely daughter they had. Britney had helped her feel less homesick.

She pulled into the driveway of the massive two-storey home. Sasha hadn’t come by to chat. She was heading out to meet her mother for dance lessons. Well, to practice for an upcoming competition. Sasha had slacked off in her dancing lately, and her dance partner wasn’t happy.

Grabbing the box of decorations that was left at her house and needed to be at the venue tomorrow, she eased out of the car as a BMW 4-wheel drive pulled in behind her, blocking her in. Going to the front door she knocked. The door opened, and Britney came out with a bag of chips in one hand and a can of Coke in the other.

“Hi, birthday girl. Whatcha doing here?”

“I have decorations that got left at my house, and I thought I’d drop them off on my way to dancing.” Bending over Sasha placed them by the door. She hugged herself as the chilly wind whipped at her. “I’m so sorry I can’t stay and bring them in and chat, but I have to go.”

“Go. That’s fine. I know you’ve missed a lot of dancing since we started organizing this party. Have a great birthday night, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sasha blew her a kiss and turned, took a couple of steps back to her car only to freeze at the massive chest that greeted her. She looked up into blazing yellow-gold eyes.

“What the hell are you wearing? When you bent over I saw everything.” His eyes flashed darker, and Sasha took a step back.

“Sorry. I have a costume rehearsal for my dancing, and to save time I just got changed into it now. I … um … sorry for what you saw. I need you to move your car, please, so I can go.”

He blocked her and didn’t move back to his car.

Straightening to her full 5’4”, almost 5’5” in her dancing shoes, she flashed him a tight smile. “Please can you move your car? It’s my birthday today, and I said I’d have dinner with Mum first before I go to practice.”

His hand came out, and his finger brushed her cheek, before moving down, lingering on her lips. She shivered at his touch and told herself she was a fool for not moving away, but the deep yellow of his eyes captured her.

“Happy birthday. How old are you?” His fingertips left her lips and trailed down her neck.

“Eighteen,” she croaked out.

He groaned, and Britney, whom Sasha had completely forgotten about muttered, “Holy shit.”


The smell had hit him as soon as he got out of the car, desert rose and freedom all rolled into one. His lion roared in his head, “Mate.” He followed the smell and found a very nice arse in the air in some killer heels. The skirt she wore covered barely anything. When she bent over he saw her black lacy j-string.

Savron listened to what was being said, and it started to click into place when he heard birthday. When she turned he gave an inward moan.

Great, just great. It was the hot girl from a couple of weeks ago. He told her happy birthday and asked her how old she was, groaning out loud this time when she said she was of age. Fuck.

He took deep breaths of her intoxicating smell and knew the reason he’d been able to stay away was because she wasn’t old enough. He gently touched her face, memorizing it. He glanced up and over in time to see recognition in Britney’s eyes as she figured out what her friend was to him.

“Mom. Dad. I think you better come out here now,” Britney yelled.

“Is something wrong with Sasha? Is she o—” His mom stopped mid-sentence as she took the situation in. Then her eyes widened, and she said to his dad, “Darling, run up stairs and get some tracksuit pants of mine.”

His father took off. Sasha looked around her as his family surrounded her.

“Ah … I really need to go. I, um, have to go and meet my mum, sister, and Steve, at the restaurant for my birthday dinner.”

His mother came to Sasha wrapping her arm around Sasha and pulling her into their house. “Come on, sweety. I think you need to come inside for a moment.”

Britney followed his mother, and he stood still watching them enter the house as he tried to calm his lion and gather himself.

“Holy shit, bro. You have a human for a mate,” Brandon muttered.

Savron shot a glare at his brother. Tyler whacked him on the back.

“Don’t stress. I wouldn’t mind her for my mate. She’s hot.”

Fuck his brothers. So much for calming down. He turned to Tyler and snarled, “Shut the fuck up.”