Sasha's Lion(2)

By: Hazel Gower

“That’s good that you cared enough for your mother to come,” Britney said as she came out in blue tracksuit pants and a white singlet.

“If I really don’t like it here I turn eighteen in a week and a half.”

A squeal resonated around the room. “Oh my God! P-A-R-T-Y Time.”

As Britney finished squealing, four guys come barging into the room, only to almost slam into one another as they stopped when they saw no danger to their sister. Sasha knew she shouldn’t laugh, but the fierce look on the four brothers as they burst in ready to defend their sister was classic. She giggled as they turned glares on her, which only made her laugh harder.

Britney stared at her open-mouthed, then at her brothers. Sasha studied her brothers and noticed they were a lot bigger than she remembered seeing downstairs. The one she thought was the oldest studied her, and his eyes penetrated her to her core. Sasha would swear they flashed bright yellow. She blinked and stopped laughing, and unease seeped into her.

“Um, I … I think I’ll go. I, ah, have a class to get ready to go to tonight.” Sasha slowly got of the bed never taking her eyes from the predator’s gaze in front of her. She grabbed her backpack and carefully moved around the men and backed out of the room. “Mum will be wondering where I am anyway. Well, I’ll … see you at school tomorrow.”

Once out of sight from the eerie yellow eyes she ran down the stairs and straight out the door.


Savron watched the girl scurry away, and his lion demanded he go after her, take her, and claim her. She was theirs.

He straightened at that notion and glanced at his brothers to see them watching him and the girl. Savron turned to his sister and narrowed his eyes. “What the hell did you scream like that for with a human in the house? We thought she’d done something to you.”

This time it was his sister who giggled. “Seriously, guys, she’s human. What could she do to me, a lion shifter, who is at least ten times stronger than she is? You need to stop worrying over me. Mom and Dad both knew Sasha was coming over here, and they are both cool about it.” Britney cocked her head to the side. “I have a couple of human friends, and none of them have made you react like that.”

Sasha. His lion repeated the name over and over. Something was wrong with him. His lion wanted a human for mate, and not only that, she was still a girl. He groaned. He’d turned twenty-eight a couple of months ago. He was too old for anyone his sister’s age. Fuck, he needed to get out. Head to inner Vegas and kill some vampires and get laid, maybe not even in that order.

“I haven’t seen her before, Britney. She was hot,” Tyler said interrupting his thoughts. Savron looked at him and growled.

“She’s new, been in school for a couple of months now. Don’t worry about her finding out about us. She’s from Australia and has no idea that over half the school is full of shifters.” Britney ignored his growling and winked at Tyler. “She’s had quite a number of admirers.”

Savron had heard enough. He turned and stalked out of Britney’s room, telling himself he would stay away for a while, use his own house.


Sasha didn’t end up going dancing. She decided after imagining what she saw yesterday afternoon she should have a quiet night and go to bed. Now as she drove to school she prayed that Britney didn’t think she was a weirdo and tell everyone how strange she was.

Sasha was actually enjoying the new school and America. She didn’t want to do anything to mess her life up. It also helped that she hadn’t seen her mum this happy in years. Steve treated her mother like a queen, and he treated her and her little sister like his own. Steve was a good man.

She pulled into the school parking lot and walked to the gates. Britney and the rest of the cheerleaders waited out the front.

Sasha sighed in relief when the first thing that came out of Britney’s mouth was, “We’re all excited to plan your eighteenth. My Dad said he’ll give one of his clubs for the night if you want. No alcohol of course. We have to pay for decorations and entertainment. What do you think?”

Speechless, Sasha stared at the beaming Britney. Wow. She was serious. She calculated what she had as savings and what she knew she would get out of her mum and dad. “Okay, sounds good. I won’t have a huge budg—”

She was cut off as six girls squealed around her.

Chapter Two

Sasha was eighteen today. Her mum had lent her the car, and she drove to see Britney, who’d fast become her best friend. Sasha missed her friends in Australia, but having Britney and her friends accept her and get along with them so well was nice. It was Friday afternoon, and the party they’d organized was tomorrow.