Sasha's Lion(10)

By: Hazel Gower

Mac and the other shifter guys chuckled behind him. “I’m sorry, Savron. I thought if she was your mate you would have claimed her. If she was mine I would have. I forget she’s human. I wonder how she’s going to react to learn most of her new friends are shifters.” Mac patted his back. “I’d like to be a fly on the wall when everything settles and she learns she’s your mate.”

Savron watched as Brandon opened his passenger door and Sasha hopped in. Britney got in the back, and Brandon very slowly started to walk around the driver’s side.

Savron turned back to Mac and raked his fingers through his hair. “I’ve only known she was my mate for about a week. On her birthday she came around, and the mate bond showed itself. I’ve been trying to take it easy because she’s human and only just come of age.”

“You’re a bigger man than me to have not claimed her. Your lion must be going insane,” Mac said with sympathy in his voice.

“Yes, he is. But after seeing her in her uniform I know tomorrow no one will mistake whose she is.” He glared at Mac. “So keep your hands to yourself.” With that he turned and walked to his car, ignoring the laughter behind him.

Chapter Four

“What just happened, Britney? What the hell is Mac talking about, and why on earth did your brother look ready to kill Mac?”

She shrugged. “You have been hanging out with Savron quite a bit. He thinks you’re his girlfriend, and he saw you cuddling Mac and wasn’t happy.”

Sasha told herself not to feel guilty. She’d done nothing wrong. Mac had put his arm around her; she hadn’t participated.

Sasha had spent last Saturday before her party with Savron and had had a scorching kiss at her party with him, but other than that she’d only been with him when he dropped her at dance practice and last night. His whole family had been there, so she hadn’t spent any one on one time. She’d had a ball with his family though. She’d decided last night she needed a break from the Pride family, mainly Savron and his mixed signals. Now he was acting the jealous suitor. Argh. She didn’t get him.

“What did he mean by mate? And Mac mentioned a mate mark. What’s he talking about?”

Britney looked anywhere but at her. “I really think Savron should tell you.”

Sasha turned to stare out the front of the car and sat with her arms crossed over her chest. She was sick of the weird behavior and never getting answers. Brandon got in the backseat as the driver’s side opened and Savron got in. He started the car not saying anything as he drove out of the school.

Hating the silence, and pissed at everyone for not telling her what was going on, Sasha turned the radio on flicking through channels until she found what she wanted. She ignored the people in car and sang out of tune to the songs. She knew she couldn’t sing. Sasha thought it was fitting torture for the occupants of the car.

The guys in the car didn’t say a thing. It was Britney who broke the silence on a long drawn-out suffering groan. “Shut it, Sasha. I can’t take the torture anymore. I know you know you can’t sing, but what you’re doing now is worse than nails on a chalkboard.”

Sasha winked at Britney, sighed, and stopped the torture. She looked around her to see how far they were from her house. “You went past my turn off.” She glared at Savron.

“You want answers? Then you need to come back to my parents’ house. I can’t hold back or stay away any longer.”

Sasha nodded and hoped she wasn’t going to learn she’d become friends with the mob, or they were a part of some weird cult and wanted her to join. Her mind conjured up all sort of scenarios. They were a family of spies. They were undercover agents for the school watching for drugs and other unsavory things.

Savron pulled into the driveway of the house, and they all got out. He undid the front door, and Sasha followed him to the lounge room. He sat on the three seat sofa, and she sat next to him eager to hear what they had to tell. Britney and Brandon sat on the two seat sofa across from them

“What’s that saying? Do it like a Band-Aid, quick and to the point,” Savron grumbled.

Sasha watched as he straightened his shoulders and reached out to her hands and held them in his.

“I’m a lion shifter, and you’re my mate.”

Sasha studied the crazy man in front of her. His eyes focused on her. He didn’t look to be on drugs. His face was straight, no sign he was joking.

Sasha glanced around the room to see if Brandon and Britney were laughing. No. They had serious faces as they watched her.

She tried to pull her hands from Savron, but he wouldn’t let them go. “You’re joking right? You’re really secret agents or the mob and don’t want me to find it out.”