Rebel Dragon (Pearls of Desire Book 1)(113)

By: Anna Lowe

Jesus, Jonathan, she wanted to bark. I sure do. Or rather, she didn’t need any time to decide because she already wanted out. Really out.

“Are you nuts?” she hissed as quietly as she could.

The women in the nearest seats giggled. Isn’t that cute?

No, it wasn’t cute. It was appalling. Why would Jonathon put her on the spot like this?

He grinned like he thought it was cute too. “You said you wanted more spontaneity in your life.”

“I didn’t mean this.” She jerked her hand at the scene. “What were you thinking?”

Jonathan’s grin stretched. Obviously, it hadn’t occurred to him she might not go along with his crazy plan.

“I was thinking about forever, sweetheart. I was thinking about how much I love you.”

The crowd sighed audibly, but to Hailey, the words sounded stale and rehearsed.

“Hailey Crewe,” he continued. “Will you marry me?”