Prohibited 2:Illicit Affairs(7)

By: Donnee Patrese

With that thought in mind, I decided to stop by Maxine’s house. If I was going to have to deal with Stacey anyway, I might as well get a little extra pussy tonight before the official fight. I decided to call Maxi first. She gets really grouchy when I just show up unannounced.

Using the Bluetooth capabilities in my car, I could hear her phone ringing through the speaker. Finally I heard a click.

“Mikey, it’s two in the morning why are you calling me?” she whispered.

I laughed. I guess it didn’t matter whether I called her first or not. She’s already grouchy.

“What do you think I want at two in the morning?”

She sighed.

“Well, not tonight or any other night.”

I frowned. I wasn’t surprised at her words. She had been threatening to cut me off for months. But tonight…she was whispering.

“Oh really,” I replied starting to become suspicious.

“Yes,” she said.

I heard her pause and then I heard a door close.

“Mikey, we are done. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Who’s in your apartment Maxi?”I asked completely ignoring her statement.

Maxine was always loud and boisterous. I didn’t think she knew how to whisper.

She had someone in her apartment.

She heaved a sigh that was actually louder than the whispering.

“None of your business.” she exclaimed no longer whispering.

I was becoming furious and jealous. Who the fuck could she have in her apartment.

“Who are you fucking?” I asked.

I heard her say something to someone and then after a few minutes she spoke.

“Do you realize that I had dinner with Julia and Stacey the other night? Do you realize that I had to sit and listen to your wife moan about you not spending time with her? She thinks something is going on. She’s practically on to us and that is a good enough reason for me to leave you alone.”

Her words shocked me for a second. My fucking wife is the reason she doesn’t want to sleep with me anymore? I guess there is a first time for everything, I thought.

“Well, my mother sure didn’t deter you from fucking my dad every chance you got.”

She was quiet for a few minutes. I just sat there seething waiting for her to speak.

“You’re right,” she confessed. “But it’s never too late to learn from my mistakes!”

Then I heard a click.

That bitch hung up on me.

I was pissed off. She had the nerve to all of a sudden have morals. I knew she had someone there. Fuck it! I would just go home and pray Stacey was already asleep.

I entered the house as quietly as I could, taking my time to hang my keys on the hook as softly. I made my way upstairs hoping not to wake her.

I slowly opened our bedroom door and expected to hear the familiar creak it makes but it never came. I lucked out on that one. I quickly stripped down to my boxers leaving my clothes on the floor and climbed into bed softly. I tried to get comfortable without making a lot of movements.

Just when I thought I was safe, I felt her stir .The lamp on her side table clicked on and filled the room with light.


“So, it’s like three in the morning. Where have you been all night?”

Her voice was steady and I knew that was just the calm before the storm.

I hesitated before I answered. I turned over to face her.

Her blonde hair was neatly tucked into a ponytail. Her face was void of makeup but her eyes were red.

She had been crying.

“I had drinks with some buddies. I got drunk and needed time to sober up.”

“Hmmm…” She said. “That has to be like almost every night this week and not once did you call to let me know something. How was I supposed to know if you were okay?”

I was still pretty angry from my conversation with Maxine and listening to Stacey nag was beginning to be too much.

“Look, I thought I was a grown ass man capable of taking care of myself. Why the fuck won’t you get off my back?”

“Because I am your wife and I deserve the respect of a text or a call to let me know that you are still alive.”

“What the fuck do you want from me Stacey? Let me know.”

“I just want you to be a decent husband, who comes home at night, spends time with me and makes love to me once in a while.”

I threw the covers off my body.

“Is that what you want? Do you want me to fuck you Stacey?” I could tell she was shocked and appalled by my words.

“Michael Jr.!” She exclaimed. “What has gotten into you?”

I was heated, frustrated and still very horny.

“You want to fuck and I want to fuck.”

I leaped on her like a predator on prey knocking her back on the pillow. I started to pull off her night gown.