Prohibited 2:Illicit Affairs(57)

By: Donnee Patrese

“Good thing I come prepared,” I said smiling, handing him the condom and resuming my bent over position over the toilet.

I heard him opening it up and struggling in the tiny space to put it on. When he was done he didn’t hesitate to easily slide his tiny dick into my warm and wet cunt.

I barely felt a thing.

Yet he was pounding away. Though his dick was small, he was huge and his pounding kept knocking my head into the wall.

After a few minutes, I felt him grip my ass. He came hard moaning so loudly I was afraid someone from the restaurant would come running in believing someone was in danger.

He pulled out and removed the condom. Without a word I squeezed past him, grabbing my purse, opening the stall door and exiting the bathroom.

I left my panties on the floor.

Outside the bathroom I composed myself, straightened my clothes and made my way back over to the table.

When I returned, I wondered if anyone was suspicious. Stacy and Tim were talking. She was once again telling embarrassing stories about David.

It seemed everything was alright until I noticed David staring at me. His steel blue eyes were looking my body up and down. I could feel that he knew. We locked eyes and he raised one eyebrow. There was a hint of anger in his blue eyes.

I looked away and tried to join into Stacy’s conversation. Jonas returned to the table still looking a little flushed.

I tried to ignore the look David was giving me.