Prohibited 2:Illicit Affairs(3)

By: Donnee Patrese

Her attorney looked elated; my attorney sat there with his head in his hands.

She glared at me with a diabolical look on her face. I knew that anything coming out of her mouth would be vindictive and venomous.

“I do not give a damn about your house or your business…”

I knew she wasn’t done.

“But, Mitchell is my son as well and I believe he should be with his mother.”

“No.” I simply said.

She leaned back in her chair.

“Mitchell is coming with me whether you like it or not. No matter what you say, no judge has ever given a child to the father over the mother when the mother is competent.”

Competent? I thought. I think she is giving herself too much credit.

“You are right, except in cases where the mother has no job and has run off with her lesbian lover.”

The smile quickly wiped off her face. My attorney finally looked like there was a victory at hand.

“You just want Mitchell so you can turn him against me.”

“Just like you turned Mikey against me?”

She made sure that Michael Jr. only heard her side of the story and now there is so much tension between us we can’t be in the same room without fighting.

Maria was fuming and when that happens, the normally prim and proper Maria is thrown out of the window.

“You sound bitter,” she said. “I know what it is. You’re sex starved and jealous.”

A devious smile spread across her face.

“You’re upset that while I’m getting pussy every night, you’re stuck wishing you had some.”

Okay, she had finally gotten under my skin.

I leaned across the table making sure she looked me dead in the eyes.

“Have I ever been short on pussy? Have I? Even when you refused to put out, I always found some.”

That seemed to let some of the air out of her sails.

I stood from my chair keeping my eyes on her.

“You are a worthless piece of shit.” I said. “You go on and have fun with your new life while I raise our son without you. And trust me; I’ll make sure he knows what kind of a mother and person you really are.”

I grabbed my suit jacket off the chair and exited the room before she could react. My attorney was on my tail and I am sure he had something to say about some of the things I gave up. I stopped at the elevator and he was so close he almost ran into me. I pressed the down button and turned back to him.

“I don’t want to hear it. Get back there and make it happen. I expect to have something to sign by tomorrow morning.”

The elevator beeped and the door slid open. I entered the elevator and watched the doors close in his stunned face.

Reaching my car, I climbed inside. I was having dinner with Lorenzo and tonight I needed a few drinks. It took me 15 minutes to get to our favorite diner. I pulled up and spotted his silver pickup truck already parked in front.

Stepping out into the hot July sun, I made my way inside. He was already in our favorite booth chatting away with the beautiful blonde waitress he had recently started dating. When they noticed me walking up, they both smiled. I slid into the booth and finally let out the breath that I didn’t realize I was holding.

“How ya doing Mike?” Sara asked me in her sexy southern drawl. I just gave her a look that explained it all

“Long day?” She asked concern saturating her voice.

I laughed.

“That is an understatement.”

“Well,” she said. “I’ll be back with ya patty melt, fries and Coke.”

She turned to walk away and I grabbed her arm.

“Make it a beer… wait… two beers.”

Lorenzo laughed shaking his head.

“Damn Mike. It must have been a long day.”

I nodded folding my arms across my chest.

“So, how bad was it? When will this shit be over?” Lorenzo questioned taking a sip of his soda.

“She’s a bitch,” is all that I felt I needed to say.

He laughed again.

“Okay, now tell me something I don’t know.”

I recounted my day and how upset Maria makes me.

“Well, at least it’ll be over soon.”

I balled my hand into a fist and rapped on the table with my knuckles.

“Knock on wood.”

After dinner, I hurried home in hopes of catching Mitchell before he went to sleep but I was too late. Margaret, my cook/housekeeper/babysitter and sometimes a listening ear, informed me Mitchell went to bed right after dinner.

I went to my room, showered and climbed into bed without getting dressed. I just laid there staring at the ceiling thinking. I thought about work, I thought about my children and I thought about my impending divorce.

Eventually my thoughts, as they always do, drifted to Maxine. I barely noticed my hand grabbing hold of my hard cock as I thought of her. My mind focused on her chocolate thighs and full lips. I stroked my cock as I remembered how her lips felt wrapped around my shaft.