One Summer of Surrender(80)

By: Jess Michaels

She turned toward him and her breath caught at the same moment their eyes met. Her expression brightened with a brief moment of pleasure and for a flash she looked just like the innocent, bright and happy girl he’d known and wanted all those years ago.

But then she swept that reaction away, her expression becoming guarded. And even from five feet away, even by candlelight and dim lamp light, he saw something that broke his heart.

He saw the hollow emptiness in her eyes. It was masked as bored sophistication, but he saw the truth.

“Asher,” she murmured as she took a long step toward him.

His body clenched at the sound of his given name formed almost in half-time from those full lips he’d only tasted one time. Lips he still dreamed about, fantasized about.

Even now, his body lurched with want. His hands shook with the desire to stride across the short distance between them and sweep her up against him, feel her mold into his body until there was no space, no breath, nothing but her and him and them.

But it wasn’t six years ago and he understood life so much better now. What he wanted wasn’t possible. His father had said as much then, now he knew the truth.

A woman like Felicity was out of his reach.

“Hello, my lady,” he choked out, reverting to formality to protect him from desires.

It was all he could do, in the end.

Coming January 2017