Oath Keepers MC:The Collection(9)

By: Sapphire Knight

“Thanks, man.” I wipe the blood off my face and chug half of the beer.

I’m still hyped up and ready to get London by herself. I need to get us out of here. I know someone here will stir up shit if I hang around for too long.

“You about ready to take off?” I ask and look down at her.

She knows exactly what this means. She’s been teasing me since the grocery store. It’s all been foreplay leading to this. It’s time I quench my thirst, and London’s just the right one to fulfill it.

“Actually, can we have a few beers first? I was so busy watching you, I didn’t even have one.”

Ah, so she’s a little nervous. It’s cool. I’ll give her a chance to get her confidence back.

She needs to relax some, and I need to have a little downtime anyway. I may end up hurting her unintentionally if I take her right now. I am a little numb to some feelings, and I would hate myself if I gripped her too hard or was too rough. I love a good, hard fuck. But I want her to enjoy all of it, not get scared.

“We usually head to the clubhouse and drink there, so we don’t have to spend money where we just won it.” I tug her to me and rub the tip of my nose down the side of her throat, making her shiver. I stick my tongue out just a little to make it cool when I pull away and the air hits it.

“Okay, that sounds like fun,” she easily agrees.

Good, it won’t be long.

We all load up and ride to the club. We drive back faster because we all have extra energy from the adrenaline. After a fight, the brothers are in a good mood, wound up, and ready to party.

We get back to the compound and head out back to a big bonfire the prospect got started for us. I sit beside the fire in one of our wooden Adirondack chairs and pull London on my lap.

I shift my knees so she can get comfortable. Her tiny shorts seem to shrink even more when she sits down.

“Prospect, get us some beers!” I holler over the music. Guns N’ Roses’ “Patience” is blaring into the black night.

A few seconds later, London and I are handed a cold beer. I pull London back against my chest and wrap one of my arms across her waist. It’s warm still, but after such a hot day you can get a chill sometimes at night. Plus, it gives me a good excuse to have her molded to my body. I see some of my bros checking her out, and I want her all over me.

“You comfy, sugar?” I whisper into her ear. I feel her shiver again, and it makes me smile.

She must be sensitive on her neck. I lightly nip at her earlobe. She turns toward me and our noses touch.

“I’m more than comfy, Cain.” She leans in and starts to kiss me. Her lips are soft and her mouth is cold from the beer she just took a drink of. I suck her tongue into my mouth and then draw on her bottom lip.

After her lip pops out of my mouth, I dive back in to kiss her. Her tongue follows mine as I try to get as much of her taste as possible. I pull away slowly and look into her eyes.

She’s so fuckin’ gorgeous. She’s always made my heart beat fast. I tuck her closer to me and begin to kiss and suck on her neck; she tastes clean and a little salty from the humidity in the air. Her hair is surrounding my face, and all I can smell is her flowery shampoo. She smells so good and girly. It’s such a huge turn on that she’s so girly, so different from me.

I’m hard around the edges, and she’s curvy, soft, and feminine. I love her hips and tits, gives me something to hold onto. I stand up and pull her with me.

“Come on, baby, it’s time.” I swear if we wait any longer my dick might shoot off like a rocket out of my pants.

She nods and follows me back to the clubhouse. On the way, I snatch up two new beers for us.

We make our way down the dark hallway to my room. I’m glad I cleaned it up today so it’s not a total pigsty. I lock my door and set the beers down on the side table next to my bed. London is looking lost as she stands in the middle of my room, her arms crossed in front of her body.

“Come here, baby.” I hold my hand out to her, and she walks straight to me.

When she gets in front of me I reach behind me over my head and pull off my shirt. Her eyes watch, glancing all over my chest and arms as my muscles flex with my movements.

I see her take stock of each tattoo covering my body, and there are a lot. I’m covered: hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, pecs, neck, and my back. I also have a large tattoo that takes up most of the front of my left thigh that’s the same as my cut. It has the Oath Keepers top rocker and the Texas bottom rocker framing the insignia.

I lean down and start kissing her neck. It got her hot the last time, so I figure it’s a good place to start. She steps closer toward me after a minute. I run my hands down her shoulders, her arms, her sides, and lightly run my fingers under the hem of her tank top. I slide my hands upward, taking her top as I go and find her tits are bare.