Oath Keepers MC:The Collection(7)

By: Sapphire Knight

After such a hot day, it’s still about seventy-eight degrees out and probably won’t cool down much the rest of the night. It’s a normal temperature for Texas. Our nights here are perfect for partying, riding, and the occasional swim.

We arrive at the shitty old warehouse, and I feel great. The breeze made the ride the perfect temperature. London kept squeezing her thighs around mine, and I would bet money her pussy was dripping from the bike’s vibrations. I kept thinking of her soaking wet, and it’s amazing we didn’t wreck.

“Hop off, baby, but be careful you don’t touch here and here. I don’t want you to burn those sexy legs.” I point out the pipes and engine and then reach both of my hands around her waist and help her get off the bike. Damn, she rode good on the back. She didn’t bitch once about her hair or anything else, either.

We begin our trek to the warehouse, and I wrap my arm around her to pull her close. “Hey, baby, listen. My brother, Twist, is going to stay with you while I brawl. There are some real fucked-up motherfuckers up in here, and I want to make sure you’re safe. As soon as I beat old boy’s ass, I’ll come to you, okay?” I stare into her eyes, so she knows that I’m completely serious about this. I don’t want to hear any arguing about it.

“I can handle myself no problem, but I don’t want you worrying about anything while you’re in the middle of a fight, so I’ll stick to Twizzler.” She smiles and squeezes my ass.

This bitch, I swear she’s fuckin’ perfect. I come to a stop in the middle of the parking lot and stop her with me. She wasn’t expecting it and lets out a little “Yip,” and it’s fucking adorable.

I grab each of her ass cheeks in my palms and pull her into my body so she can feel my hard on. I rub it against her while she’s pressed up to me. “You grab my ass one more fuckin’ time, and I’m dropping those panties right here and fucking you in front of everybody,” I growl out.

She starts giggling and beams up at me playfully. “Ha, yeah right. In the middle of a parking lot in front of all your brothers?” She gives me a little smirk that says, “I dare you.”

She doesn’t think I will.

I smirk back and slide my hand down the outside of her shorts. I go to the bottom; they’re so short, I’ll easily get my hand in them.

I slide my hand in where her thighs touch then wiggle it up and push a finger between her swollen lips, right inside her sopping wet pussy. She sucks in a deep breath, and her eyes go wide.

“Yeah, I knew this pussy was soaked and needy. Don’t push me, baby. I’d love to fuck you here in front of every single brother. I just have to fight first.”

I pull my finger out and bring it to my mouth, sucking all her juices off right in front of her then lick my lips. I stick my finger inside her again, and she moans into my chest. She pants a few times as I suck her sweetness off my finger again and smirk. She bites her plump bottom lip, making me groan.

“Such a tasty pussy, baby. I can’t wait to eat you out later. You’re gonna’ moan over and over, while I pound into you and make you feel good.” I lick my lips to get any taste of her that’s left. With that, I grab her hand and start walking again.

I have to hurry up and fight or my dick is going to break off. I hear a few of my brother’s chuckle. I know those fuckers are hoping I’ll give them a good show and fuck her in front of them, but I’m keeping this fine ass to myself. None of my brothers are going to see her body but me.

We get into the warehouse, and I introduce her to Twist. Thankfully, he’s still sober and appears to be staying that way. He’s not some crazy druggie, but he gets pretty crazy when he does partake in them.

I hope to fuck she doesn’t call him Twizzler. I’m pretty sure he will flip the fuck out and probably try to give her to some idiot to sell in the sex trade market that’s so popular right now.

Twist hooked me up with some good shit to get me spun out tonight. I turn and walk behind the cage where it’s darker and pour out a nice sized rail on the top of my wrist. I take my rolled twenty dollar bill and snort half the rail up my right nostril. Exhaling, I snort up the other half a rail with my left nostril.

I take a deep breath through my nose and then pinch my nostrils together. I lick my finger and wipe it over my wrist to make sure I got everything, and then rub my finger over my gums. I sprinkle on a little extra to put on my gums for the fight. It’ll numb my mouth up nice in case I get hit.

I inhale a deep breath and feel the cool, tingly sensation of the cocaine making its way down my nose and throat. Fuck, that’s some good shit.