Oath Keepers MC:The Collection(5)

By: Sapphire Knight

I look him over—he seems to be sober at the moment. He likes his drugs when he’s in the mood. He meets my gray eyes with his green ones. I’d say Twist is probably around six foot or so and a hundred and eighty pounds. Not too big but in fairly decent shape for all of the partying and drugs he likes to do.

“Hey, man, I got a bitch riding with me to the fight. When I’m up, will you keep an eye on her? Make sure no one fucks with her?”

“I’ve never known you to claim on some pussy, man.”

“No, man, I’m not claiming shit. I’ve known her for a whole minute and don’t want to have to fuck someone else up for messing with her when I’m in the middle of my fight. You guys would be losing some money if you placed bets for tonight.”

I don’t want any distractions.

I like to get in the fight and get it over with quickly. The faster, the better, as far as I’m concerned. If you take a while then you have too much time to make mistakes. I’m trying not to make a mistake and get my ass handed to me.

“Fuck, man, don’t worry about some bitch. I’ll make sure no one fucks with her. You worry about winning that fight; I’ve got lots of money on it. I know you’ll drag him through the dirt.” Twist snickers as he kicks at the other black heavy bag hanging next to the one I’m working on.

Fucker needs to stop stepping on the mats with his shoes on. It gets old having to clean that shit off all the time.

“All right, cool. Yeah, man, no problem. I’m going to win.”

If anything, I’m going to win because I want London to see me in all my glory. I’ll have a fun night with her in return. Well, most likely a few enjoyable nights with her. I don’t think just one night would be enough for everything I want to do to that sexy ass of hers. I’m going to make sure she remembers me for a very long time.

“It’s getting close to time to ride. Did anyone bring you some shit?” he asks as he walks toward the door to leave the gym.

“Nope, not yet. I was going to wait 'til we get there, so I’m not all hyped up on the drive over.”

That’s all I need, to wreck my bike before we even make it. I don’t know how a few of my brothers function getting that messed up during the day when they really feel like partying.

“Sounds like a plan, brother.” I nod and he walks out. I check my phone and notice it’s 8:30.

Fuck, no more warming up for me.

I need to shower and get dressed before London shows up and my brothers think she’s some club pussy to be tried out.


I’m getting out of the shower and drying off when I hear pounding on my door accompanied by yelling.

“Yo, Cain! Some bitch out here said she’s here to see some cats. What the fuck’s this about?”

Shit! That’s 2 Piece, and it sounds like London’s crazy ass is here. Girl’s fucking crazy telling the boys she’s here to see some cats.

I shake my head and shrug my cut on then hurry to the door and open it to see 2 Piece already walking away.

“Yeah, bro, I’m coming.”

Walking into the bar, I do a double take. London’s lying on the bar top in some ass-hugging, tiny, short-shorts and a tight tank top. She’s all legs and tits. Fucking Smiles is about to do a body shot off her tummy, and it appears as if all of the brothers are around her waiting for their turn. She’s up there wearing a huge smile, too, like she’s the Queen of Egypt or some shit.

“Back the fuck up! Smiles, I will knock your fucking teeth in, brother, if you touch her fucking stomach,” I declare, yelling across the bar, and everyone turns toward me.

The brothers all wear grins, and like it happens in slow motion, Smiles cackles loudly. He runs his fingers lightly over her smooth tummy from the top of her shorts to just under her plump tits where her tank top is pushed up.

I see red and charge. Fuck, this is going to hurt.

Luckily, Smiles is only five foot eleven and sitting around two hundred pounds. His name, “Smiles,” is due to his habit of knocking people’s teeth out with his brass knuckles. I still have my smile because clearly I’ve been smart enough to stay out of his way, until now. I don’t make it to him; I’m hauled back by a muscular giant.

I bet it’s Ares. I take a few deep breaths—in, out, in, out—and make the blackness recede so I’m able to see again and glance behind me.

Yup, it’s Ares, and he doesn’t seem too amused.

Turning toward the bar, I see London wearing that cocky ass smile of hers. My whole body is drawn to her; it’s like an invisible magnet, pulling me to take her. Man, this bitch here says I’m trouble. She’s going to get my fucking teeth knocked out if I don’t calm the fuck down