Oath Keepers MC:The Collection(4)

By: Sapphire Knight

She tilts her head to the sky for a moment, thinking it over.

“I know a few boys who moved around that time, but I never knew a Cain. Did I ever talk to you?”

“Yeah, actually, you used to ask me to help you with your math. I don’t know why, though. You were really smart; it was almost like you were just fuckin’ with me.”

Her eyes light up and she slowly looks me over from head to toe.

“I can take my clothes off if you want to get a better look?”

“Were you this cocky back then, because I’d definitely remember you. The boy that I remember moved, and his name was not Cain.”

“I know, sweet cheeks. My name is Brandon Meeks. I go by Cain now.” Her eyes grow wide and she stares me over from head to toe. Just to be a bastard, I reach back and start to pull the back of my shirt off at the nape of my neck.

“Ah, whoa, what are you doing?” she stammers, surprised.

“I told you I’d take my clothes off so you can get a better look.” I give her my panty-dropper again, and she returns it with her own sexy smile. She’s fucking stunning, no other way about it.

“Oh, you’re a bad boy. You’re straight trouble now, aren’t you?”

I throw my shirt in my backpack and wink at her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m over here sweatin’ like a sinner in church, just trying to cool off. What about you? You want to take yours off and cool down, too?”

She beams a wide smile at me. “Oh my God! You really are bad. And to think, you were so sweet and shy back then.”

“Yeah, and you were short and didn’t have a juicy ass either. I see time’s been good to you, though.”

She just smiles wide and shakes her head as I attempt to get into her pants. “I have to go, Brandon, but it’s so awesome to see you.”

“All right, London, give me your number so we can keep in touch this time, yeah? And it’s just Cain.”

“All right then, Cain, type your number in my phone.”

I grab it and enter my digits then quickly press the call button, in case she tries to sneak off without giving me hers. My phone vibrates, and I hand hers back.

“Safe drive and text me sometime.” I lean down, kissing her right on the lips. It’s chaste, but she clearly was not expecting me to just go right in. I’m not a pussy--I’ll eat some, but I won’t be one.

“Have a good one. Oh, and, Cain? It’s not ‘baby,’” she reminds me as she’s getting into her car.

I make my way around to her window, and she rolls it down. Leaning on the car, I put my face close to hers.

“You’re only ‘baby’ because I think you’re as sexy as my bike. I told you, she’s the only other one I’ve ever called baby before.” I quickly kiss her on the lips again and walk toward the door to the club.

Yeah, she’ll be back for more or at least text me.

Chapter 2

I’m getting ready for my fight the same way I always do—I do some light cardio and work on the heavy bag for a little while to warm up my muscles.

I have my earbuds in from my phone, so when it buzzes, I hear it immediately. Stopping to check, I glance at the screen thinking it might be Prez about the fight tonight.

Baby: Hey hot stuff. What are you up to?

Me: Hey baby, not much. Just getting ready for my fight.

Baby: Wow, you fight?

Me: Yep. Want to come and watch me?

Baby: Hell yeah, I do! Where and when?

Me: Come by the clubhouse and you can ride with me.

Baby: Okay, what time?

Me: At nine p.m. and the fight is at ten p.m. So, what are you wearing right now?

Baby: Right now, oh, nothing. See you at nine, Cain!

Me: You should send me a picture to keep me going.

Me: Please?

Me: Baby?

Fuck! She probably did that shit on purpose to get me bent. It’s cool. Once she sees me fight, those panties will drop, and I’ll tear that ass up.

“Yo, Twist?” I holler into the main room from the gym door.

Our clubhouse is pretty big. We have our main room with the large TV and couches, the bar with booths and tables, a small gym room with weights and bags, the President and VP offices, our meeting room where we also hold church, a large kitchen, a dining area with a big, ugly picnic table and benches some brothers made that seats twenty, and then our rooms.

The fully-patched members that belong to this charter each have a room and a small bathroom. The compound itself is smack in the middle of about fifty acres, to keep people away. Most of us stay here because the majority of the brothers are still single.

Twist comes into the gym. “What’s up, Cain?”

I’m surprised he didn’t just yell back. He’s a crazy fucker. Likes some real fucked-up shit when it comes to the bedroom and when he’s fucking someone up. That’s how he got the name Twist, because he’s fucking twisted.