Oath Keepers MC:The Collection(3)

By: Sapphire Knight

“Hey, Layla!” I holler at her, and she looks around the parking lot before her eyes come to rest on mine. She stares at me, puzzled, probably wondering how on earth I know her middle name.

“The only other thing I’ve ever called ‘baby’ is my bike. So take it as a huge compliment, sugar tits.”

I start my bike and rev the engine. She says something, but I can’t hear her over my pipes. I give her a two-finger salute and ride out of the parking lot.

I keep checking my mirrors, and London is right behind me. Not too close or anything, but enough so I can tell it’s her. She can’t live this far out here unless she lives out of town and I caught her on a random stop. The compound is on the outskirts of Georgetown Texas about twenty minutes to the east.

Maybe she’s in school up at College Station? That would make sense.

Taking my turn-off toward the compound, I say a silent goodbye. Bye, baby, glad I got to see you grown and beautiful.

I give the sign to the prospect at the gate. Shit, what’s his name again? I’m supposed to pay attention if he’s doing okay so I can eventually vote him in.

Ah fuck it, I’ll ask Ares later. He’s the Enforcer and knows everything there is about everybody.

I park and shut off my bike. As I’m climbing off, a car pulls up next to me. Glancing up, my heart skips a beat when I see her again.

Shit, he let London through the gate?

She climbs out of her little silver Honda Civic. “Hey!”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Maybe she decided to give me her number after all.

She rounds the front of her car and comes to stand in front of me. “Why did you call me Layla?” She has her forehead scrunched up, and she looks absolutely adorable, curious.

“It’s your name, right?” I ask her seriously. I know it used to drive her crazy when people would call her Layla because someone would always end up singing the song with it.

“Yo, Cain! You just coming back from town?” I glance over, and Ares is coming toward me. He’s a big motherfucker; I’m talking six foot six inches and built like a brick house.

“Yeah, man, just hit up H.E.B., why?” I check him over; he doesn’t seem to be pissed about anything. Yet I’m one of the few he actually allows to see him get upset. He likes to blank out on anyone else if something bothers him.

“Nothin’, bro, just needed some smokes. I’ll ride in, get some gas, too.” He gives me a chin lift and sits on his bike.

“I thought you quit, man? Your ass is gonna’ get cancer with all the road fumes.”

Yes, I am conscious about health. I may not make great decisions, but I do try to take care of myself when I’m not partying. The only time I touch any drugs is before I brawl. Hence my name—Cain. I like a little cocaine before my fight; it helps get me hyped up and ready to rip a fucker apart.

“When did you grow a pussy? I left my momma a long time ago, but if you want to do some dishes, go on in and let Candy know. She’ll be happy to let you help her clean up.”

“Fuck you, man. We both know my dick’s bigger than yours. Don’t say I didn’t warn your ass, when you’re hacking up like an old fucker.”

He chuckles and flips me off at the dick comment. We’ve both fucked bitches out in the bar, so he knows my dick is bigger. I turn back to London.

Shit. I got sidetracked.

“So, your name’s Cain?”

“Yep, sure is, sweet cheeks. Why’d you follow me? You know you’re in the lion’s den coming onto the compound like this.”

She gives me a little smile and shrugs. “It’s okay, darlin’, I’m not scared of cats.”

Oh, man, this chick is pretty fuckin’ perfect. I can’t help it, I burst out laughing. She’s in the middle of a biker compound, and she’s calling us a bunch of cats. If she only knew.

The prospect glances at me, and I give him a chin-lift so he knows she’s okay. It doesn’t matter, though. The douche shouldn’t have let her through the gate in the first place.

“So, how did you know my name?” She smirks at me but seems a bit more curious now.

I’ve got her interested. I bet Layla was the last thing she expected to come out of my mouth.

“We went to school together, but I’m guessing you don’t remember me?”

“Trust me, Cain, I would remember you if we went to school together. I’m pretty sure I would have ridden on the back of your bike a few times if you had.” She gives me a cocky grin.

Yeah, I bet you were the cat’s fuckin’ meow to all those boys who had no clue how to handle someone like you.

“Ah, no. When I was in school, I didn’t have my bikes or my car. I think the last time I saw those gorgeous blue eyes, I was in seventh grade. You were always a cute little thing, too, but I must say I’m really appreciating this grown-up version of you a lot more.”