Oath Keepers MC:The Collection(10)

By: Sapphire Knight

Baby wasn’t even wearing a bra.

Her rosy nipples are puckered. I can’t help myself as I lean down and take one of the buds into my mouth. She lets out a little moan as I suck deeply on her flushed nipple.

I reach down to undo the button on my jeans; I can push them down when I’m ready. I run my hands over her sexy little stomach until I get to her shorts, and her stomach muscles tighten when she realizes I’m about to take them off. I let the nipple fall from my mouth and switch to her other tit, showing it some attention, sucking and playing with the peak with my tongue and lips. My tongue is pierced, so I run the barbell back and forth over her nipple.

I push her shorts down and feel she’s wearing a tiny G-string. There’s barely any material there, making my dick feel like it’s about to explode. If I’d known she was hardly dressed when she was pressed up against me on my bike earlier, we’d have not made it back here before stopping off on the side of the road somewhere.

I walk her backward toward my bed until the backside of her knees hit, and then I gently push her down onto the bed. My nostrils flare as I breathe her in. She’s absolutely stunning; her creamy skin highlighted by the long, black hair spread out around her. Her tits and cheeks are flushed again, and it turns me on to know I got her like this and have barely done a thing to her yet. That’s how I know she’s turned on; she has that little tell.

I snap the strings on her panties and shove them into my back pocket. Leaning down, I rest one knee on the bed between her thighs and just take her in. Her pussy is bare and her little plump lips glisten with her wetness.

I bend down and suck her lips into my mouth, licking up all her sweetness that’s leaked out then stick my tongue into her core. I put two fingers deep inside her and she moans.

“Oh God, Cain.”

Yes, baby, call me God.

“Baby, this cunt tastes so good; I could eat you for hours.” I coat my tongue in her wetness and then lick over her clit quickly. I feel her cum soak my fingers that are pumping in and out of her deeply, slowly.

“Fuck, Cain, I want you. Please stick your cock in me, please.”

I push my pants and boxer briefs down, then reach over and grab a condom. London takes the condom and rolls it down my dick while pumping it and squeezing it a few times. I pull her to stand up, and she looks at me, confused.

Oh, she thought this was going to be good ol’ missionary. I don’t think so.

I walk her backward again and push her against my bedroom wall. I put my fingers deep inside her for just a second. I want to feel her tight cunt squeeze around my fingers again.

Her pussy juice runs down my hand, confirming she’s ready to take me. I’m fairly large and don’t want to hurt her too much. I grab a thigh in each hand to wrap around my hips and pin her to the wall. I slide into her wet pussy in one smooth thrust.

“Oh fuck,” she moans out huskily.

“Yeah, London? I thought you were ready? I thought you wanted this cock deep inside your tight pussy?”

“Yes, oh I did. I mean, I do. Yes, just do that, whatever that is.”

“What, baby? You want me deep inside, pounding this pussy? I’m going to pound it, baby, don’t worry. I’m going to fuck this little pussy so hard you’ll have trouble sitting down tomorrow.”

“Fuck, Cain, please, give it to me.” Her nails dig into my shoulders as she holds on.

I bend my knees so I can sink in at a different angle and drive my dick up into her, hard and deep. I pound into her a couple hard times, and I feel her pussy start to spasm.

“Milk my cock, baby, take that cum deep. Good girl.” I shoot off, and my cum goes into the condom.

I kiss her tenderly and slowly for a few beats. Then I slide her down my body so her tits rub against my chest and set her down on her feet.

“You good, sweet cheeks?” I ask quietly and hold her upright so she can get her bearings.

“Yes, thanks, that was umm…that was just—wow! Do you want to lie down? My legs feel kind of like Jell-O.” Her voice is a little shaky, and it makes me smirk.

“London? Did I say we were done?”

“Oh, no?” She peers up at me, asking like it’s a question.

“Get on all fours on the bed. I’m going to spank that ripe ass and make you come some more. I’m not going to be done taking that pussy for a while,” I demand.

What kind of lazy ass has she been with before me? Once? She’s fuckin’ crazy if she thinks I’m giving this chance up. Never mind, I don’t want to picture her with anyone else.

Chapter 3

Three months ago…

“What the fuck do you mean you’re going to Tennessee?”