Mine Would Be You: Lawson & Emelyn(8)

By: Danielle Jamie

Fingering my charm bracelet my parents got me for my birthday, I think back to a week ago, when I was able to play with my best friends and enjoy my last birthday party with all of them.

Why did we have to move to this place?

Rolling my eyes, I begin to mentally swear off every single one of these more than likely way-too-snotty-for-me kids…until I catch out of the corner of my eye a girl who looks to be around my age with long blonde hair braided down her back, and a boy who appears to be a few years older, sitting on their front porch, next door to our house.

I didn’t notice them at first, because I was too busy with my pity-party as I sized up all the other kids running around the street.

The blonde is playing with a baby doll on the stairs, while who I’m guessing is her brother holds a basketball in one hand and a stick in the other. I can see the girl continuously smacks the stick away from her as she yells at him to go away.

He has ‘troublemaker’ written all over his face as he smirks down at his little sister and continues to poke her baby doll and flip her long braid around the back of her head with the stick. For some reason, I feel nervous butterflies flutter in my belly as I take in his smile and cute face.

Her high-pitched voice carries over to my driveway as I hear her shout up at him, her delicate face whipping to the side to stare him down. It tears my attention from him back to her. A small smile pulls up at the corners of my lips. Immediately, I like her. I haven’t met her yet, but I can already tell she is someone I can be friends with. Like me, she’s little, but she is a force to be reckoned with.

“Knock it off, Lawson! Or else…”

“Or else what?” I hear him snap back at her with an arrogant tone.

I can only imagine how many times they’ve had this conversation.

Before I even process what it is I’m doing, I find myself walking over the slightly overgrown lawn that is ours, and then onto the immaculately trimmed lawn of this kid, Lawson, and his feisty little sister.

Sensing my presence, they both stop talking and turn their eyes toward me—the strange, eavesdropping new neighbor. I force a smile as I get closer. Each step grows harder to make as I watch Lawson climb to his feet and flashes me, hands down, the cutest smile I’ve ever seen in all of my eight years. The butterflies in my belly that, a few seconds ago, were frolicking about inside of me are now fluttering at warp speed, making my stomach flip-flop with nervous excitement.

One thing for certain is Lawson will not be one of those boys with a mouthful of metal. Nope. He has a perfect set of teeth that form a smile that makes me suddenly believe in all that love at first sight mumbo-jumbo my friend Alli’s older sister always goes on and on about.

“Hi. You must be the new girl moving into old Mr. Fisk’s house. I’m Lawson,” he says politely, stretching his hand out to mine. He’s tall and lanky, with long arms and big hands. They swallow mine as I allow him to take it. “This here is my sister, Delilah.” Tilting his head towards the blonde, who’s now forgotten all about the spat with her older brother and is now beaming across the small space between us with a genuine friendly smile on her face.

“Hi,” I say nervously and stare down at my feet momentarily. I bring my eyes back up to his before sliding my gaze over to his sister’s. I feel my cheeks warm after only making eye contact with him for a few seconds. I can barely find my voice as I tell them my name. “I’m Emelyn. It’s nice to meet you, Lawson—and Delilah.”

Bouncing on the balls of her jelly-shoe-covered feet, she grabs my hand and shakes it with a little too much enthusiasm. “Oh my gosh! I’m so happy you’re not a boy! Lawson here kept teasing me, saying two boys were moving in and he’d heard they were like that kid in Problem Child—mean to the bone and evil as they come.” She pauses a moment to glare up at her brother before turning back to me and plastering a big bright grin back on her face. “But as we can see, you are most certainly a girl. I can tell already we’re going to be the best of friends.”

Call me crazy, but I can’t help but think the same thing. I’m slightly taken aback by her comment, because I didn’t think I’d feel this comfortable so quickly around new kids here. There’s just something about these two that has me immediately liking them.

I give her a questionable glance as I push my brows together and ask slowly, “You can? How, when we only just met a few seconds ago?” I laugh as I fold my arms nervously across my chest and shift my weight from my left foot to my right.

“I know, because, first of all, you’re wearing a Rugrats t-shirt. And I love the Rugrats!” she shrieks with excitement once again as she flings her hands out towards my shirt my parents got me for my birthday. She’s an explosion of contagious energy. I can’t help but find myself relaxing with every passing moment I spend standing here with them.