Mine Would Be You: Lawson & Emelyn(78)

By: Danielle Jamie

After him, I dated a few more guys. No one special in particular, some I can’t even remember their last names. I slept with most of them. What are your teenaged years for, right? I wasn’t an idiot though. I was on birth control pills, always used a condom, and always careful. That’s the one good thing about dating soldiers. You know they’re tested practically every week. But one thing was definitely missing when it came to sleeping with these guys, and I’m not talking about mushy shit and feelings. I’m talking about the most important thing of all: I have never once in my life had an orgasm with another person. Yep, I said it. I’m one hell of an actress because each of those fellas ended up thinking they were God’s gift to women by the time I finished my porn-star groans and screams of ecstasy .

In reality, I was kind of embarrassed. What the hell was wrong with my vagina? In the books I read, the man can just look at the woman and tell her “Come” and she’s writhing on the floor having the best orgasm of her life. Me? If it wasn’t for my massaging shower head , I wouldn’t even know what an orgasm was. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve had some really fantastic sex. Like toe curling, eyes crossing and rolling to the back of your head, scream till your lungs get sore sex. But even then…just…couldn’t…reach it.

That has to be it. This has got to be the reason that all I ever find are the dickheads. It’s not all their fault that they’re dickheads. I make them that way! I put them on a pedestal, get them sweet little presents, and scream their names out during sex like I’m in orgasm-city…well fuck! The solution is easy, right?

I will never fake an orgasm ever again.