Love in Bloom (De La Fuente Family #3)(7)

By: Lexi Buchanan

“Hmm.” He sat back. ”I’ve been on to you for a while, but I’ll leave it…for now,” he drawled.

“Just like I’m doing with you,” Mateo commented.

Diego frowned, but then nodded as silence descended on the room. They sat like that, each one lost in their own thoughts until Kasey joined them.

“You two know that Mom will go nuts if she catches you with your feet on the coffee table, right?”

“Mom’s out,” Diego grinned.

“No, she isn’t,” their mom countered, walking into the living room.

Kasey laughed as both him and Diego quickly dropped their feet to the floor. They might be adults, but their mom was still the boss.

“It’s so nice having my boys under the same roof, chilling out together.” She moved and kissed each of them on their heads, something she did even before his birth mother had died, or so he’d been told.

Lucia, his stepmom, had known him since he was born…known his parents even longer. She’d been his mom’s best friend for years. When his mom had been dying, she’d begged his father, Emiliano, to marry Lucia, who’d been pregnant with twins, Emelia and Diego, at the time. Needless to say, everything had worked out in the end, which was why he’d grown up calling her mom. His elder brothers, Dante, Eric, and Aiden still called her Lucia, but he knew that she meant everything to them as well. They’d been older when everything had happened so they found it more difficult to suddenly call her mom with their actual mother being fresh in their minds.

Lucia had fit into the family, although there’d been times when he was younger that he’d have given anything to have his mom back. But Lucia, mom, didn’t miss anything and even with age, they still couldn’t get things by her. Except Caprice, his mind whispered and he cursed silently. The guilt of lying to his family for so long overwhelmed him again…the sooner he ended things, the better for everyone.

“So, Mateo,” She sat next to Diego, who got tapped on his thigh for the smirk he hadn’t concealed quickly enough, “a young lady in town was asking if you were home.”

He frowned because he hardly knew anyone in town anymore. He’d lived in Dallas for years and he’d fallen out of touch with friends from high school. “Are you going to tell me who?”

“She was interested in knowing if you were alone or if your fiancée was with you.” His mom frowned and her eyes filled with worry. “I don’t like Allie, she’s no good for you.”

That’s all he needed.

He’d dated Allie all through high school and he’d seen her a few times since for old times sake but he had no interest in her anymore. She liked money, which was why she tried to hook back up with him, but he’d seen through her. The majority of his hook-ups wanted to be with him because of his name. They saw dollar signs instead of the man behind the name.

“Don’t worry. I’m well aware of what Allie is like and I’ve no interest in her. I never really had any to begin with.”

“It was more about what she’d give him,” Diego snickered.

Mateo narrowed his eyes at his brother as Kasey hit Diego over the head on his way out of the room.

“You’re an ass, Bro.” Diego grinned at Kasey.

“You’re not too old to have your mouth washed out with soap and water, Diego,” their mom threatened but there was laughter in her eyes.

Diego wasn’t bothered and his grin deepened. “I was only pointing out what Mateo wouldn’t.”

“I’m well aware of why Mateo had a thing for her in high school. I’m not stupid, which is why I’m going to finish this conversation by saying to you,” she looked straight at Mateo, “be careful because she has her eyes set on getting together with you.”

Mateo nodded and watched her silently as she walked out of the room before he let out a string of curses that had Diego’s eyes widening.

“I hope to fuck she stays away. The last thing I need is for Caprice to get wind of Allie.” He leaned back in the chair and wondered where the fuck that had come from. He shouldn’t give a damn about Caprice’s feelings considering there really wasn’t anything between them, but he found he did care what she thought.

He needed to see a doctor because he’d started to wonder if he’d banged his head a little too hard in the crash.

Chapter Four

Erin was packed, her bags waiting to be picked up on the way out the door in the morning and she had nothing else to do before the flight. Except chill with her best friend, Sadie, who currently tinkered around Erin’s kitchen. She loved it when Sadie came over to her apartment because she’d make lasagna, which would smell amazing and taste even better.